Apple’s next battleground isn’t TV, it’s Web services

“Apple does hardware and software well, and it’s at the top of its game when it does them together,” John Paczkowski writes for AllThingsD. “But when it comes to Web services, the company is a laggard, with an ever-lengthening conga line of missteps.”

“There are hands-down fiascos: MobileMe, Ping and Maps,” Paczkowski writes. “And there are works in progress: Game Center, iTunes Match, and iCloud. And all of them speak to a troubling deficiency that Apple just can’t seem to overcome.”

Paczkowski writes, “So, as the 2013 Apple rumor mill ramps up, and the prognosticators wonder whether the company’s product pipeline includes a television, a watch, or both, consider this: While Apple could likely use another disruptive innovation on which to build its continued success, what it really needs — crucially — is to do Web services well.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Good luck in 2013, Eddy and co.!


  1. Sorry, but I think Apple’s next battleground is against Fashionistas who always want to counter culture simply for the sake of being different.

    ‘Trendy’ is their middle name.
    (preceded by ‘Ivanna’ and followed by ‘Whore’….)

  2. There was no Maps fiasco, only in the mind of dumb fk journalists and even more who just read what they wrote and repeated it in their own words. No one gives a shit. Everyone uses what is there is it works fine for 99.99999 percent of us.

    So shut the fsck up.

    1. Apple makes the best hardware and software. Hands down. They do not do services as well. I’m certain that they are aware of that too. I am surprised that this wasn’t fixed years ago when Steve Jobs was still alive. We all remember his little bout with the MobileMe crew. So it’s very disappointing to see that they still have problems. I believe that Eddy has a chance to correct this. I hope so. Because I’m not about to start using Google or Microsoft services.

  3. The story lead says, “Apple’s next battleground isn’t TV, it’s Web services”. And then the guy concludes that it isn’t web services. Am I missing something here?

  4. I’m getting Sick of all these yahoos predictions On what Apple will do next. the fact is when Apple brought the iPhone out nobody saw it coming, It even floored Bill Gates He then went on to say the iPad wasn’t that impressive nothing really innovative there, Now they try to follow the Microsoft surface which turned out to be a joke

  5. Yesterday, I looked up my UK home town on Google Maps trying to find a particular street. I couldn’t find it but knew it existed. So I tried my iPad and Apple Maps and found it straight away.

    It was Google Maps at fault this time not Apple


    Duplicate contacts, contact details reset to old versions, ‘work’ and ‘iPhone’ and ‘home’ constantly reset to ‘other’, the problems with iCloud Contacts are ongoing.

    Similar with Calendar.

    Contacts and Calendar, as old as writing itself and in 2012 we still don’t have a system as reliable as paper and pen.

    Apple really need to sort their online offerings out because “the cloud” as going to be as important as the hardware and software very soon.

  7. I would desperately like to use Match. But I have several thousand CDs and many of my own and friends original tracks. Because of the volume of material, I can’t use Match for anything. The need to allow the few folks that have large collections to use Match.

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