Apple wins Technology & Engineering Emmy

“Apple on Thursday will receive a Technology and Engineering Emmy Award during a special reception in Las Vegas,” Jim Dalrymple reports for The Loop.

“Apple is being given an award for an ‘Eco-system for Real Time Presentation of TV Content to Mobile Devices without the use of Specialized Television Hardware,'” Dalrymple reports. “It’s not quite clear what that is, but it sounds a lot like the company’s cloud infrastructure.”

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    1. We don’t need TV networks programming when programs come on anymore and instead of them programming us we should program them when WE want to watch. I know we have some of this capability now but it will probably continue down this path with the exception of news and sports. Cable TV is really kicking butt in making TV shows worth watching over conventional networks and they know it but the FCC will keep them from going too adult on their fare. The next 10 years will be interesting, if I live that long….

    2. The “TV Networks” as we know them a holdover from a legacy regulatory business model that was used to encourage investment the build-out of the broadcast TV system. It involves, among other things, a geography monopoly to local channels on “their” networks programming. Technology has moved on, just as it has in the cellular telephone world and the cable TV world, but preservation of the old business models remains paramount.

      Change is hard for these businesses because they don’t know where it’s leading. They know they have a pretty cushy deal with the current system and are afraid to risk change. The funny thing is, the “cord cutting” movement is the greatest opportunity recently for broadcast TV. They just need to embrace the concept that gaining commitment to a particular program, no matter the distribution channel, is a good way to keep eyes on their broadcast offering.

  1. The existing networks are dying as a result of the internet streaming delivery model. The old model of having to run to the TV at a certain time is nearly over and if the old networks are going to survive, they have to deliver content when ever it is ready to whoever wants it on any device they want. There is no more need to pit one show against another on the same time slot on another network. Many of us time shift our programs or just use Netflix and Hulu.

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