Keycard app secures your Mac by detecting the proximity of your iPhone, iPad

“iOS and Mac app specialists Appuous created Keycard [US$6.99], a new Mac app that uses the Bluetooth connection on a smartphone or tablet to lock or unlock your computer the minute you step away or return to it,” Matt Brian reports for The Next Web.

“When Keycard is installed and run, it will sit in your menu bar waiting for instruction. First, you’ll need to detect and pair it with your iPhone, iPad or any other Bluetooth-enabled device, assigning it a device capable of operating as your keycard,” Brian reports. “Once you have paired the device and it is recognised, you can simply walk away from your Mac and it will lock itself automatically. You can also set a 4-digit PIN code to unlock your Mac in an emergency (or when you don’t have your device with you).”

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  1. What if you don’t have your iPhone? What if you leave your iPhone on the desk? What if you don’t want to leave Bluetooth on because it sucks battery life and causes cancer?

  2. Sheesh. Does no one even do 1 minute of research before they comment on stuff they don’t know?

    I just bought a copy. It’s a nice app – works pretty well already for a 1.0 app and the developers are responsive and interested in improvements.

    @sdfg: The app has a 4 digit PIN which you set and can unlock the screen if you don’t have your phone or it’s not unlocking for some reason.

    @Spike: WTF? You can stop doing it? Or not since the OS X lock overrides the Keycard lock (or rather doesn’t activate when the screen is already locked by OS X).

    @rdiddly: Hardly

  3. What if you like typing adjacent letters on a QUERTY keyboard but the PIN is numeric and the number keys are located just out of your comfort zone? Then product is not a good fit. 😉

  4. Sounds cool but reviews are bad so far and agree with the one about adding how many feet you are from the computer if thats even possible on when to turn on. Looks promising though if they can get the bugs worked out. The price seems a little high for a little utility, the intro price is 6.99 it says on iTunes. Whats the price going to be after? Say its work 2.99 or so when it works properly.

  5. I seem to recall having something that worked like this when bluetooth first came out ( maybe 15 years ago, probably on OS 8 or 9 ). I remember confusing my colleagues by being able to simply walk up to my laptop and use it, but when I walked out of the room it couldn’t be used by anybody else.

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