All eyes on Apple as Cupertino Colossus tipped to remake TV in its own image

“When it comes to putting the ‘smart’ into TVs, this feels very much like the smartphone industry in the decade before the iPhone,” Richard Waters writes for The Financial Times. “All the technology ingredients are there, it just needs someone with the vision to show how the TV experience could be transformed – and the muscle to overcome the industry vested interests that delay change.”

“So no wonder all eyes have been on Apple. Last year was widely tipped as the year that Apple would remake the TV in its own image,” Waters writes. “Now it is meant to be 2013.”

Waters writes, “And Apple needs to colonise the TV set. This isn’t because of the direct profits it stands to make. Samsung, the industry leader, doubled its operating profit margin from consumer electronics (mainly TVs) in the first nine months of 2012 – but still didn’t manage to break 5 per cent. Apple makes more than twice as much profit from the iPhone in a single quarter as the entire TV industry is estimated to make in a year. Rather, Apple needs to occupy the TV set to be able to plant its flag squarely in the living room – before Google or some other rival gets there first.”

Much more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


    1. 100% agree. I called and canceled my cable TV service a few weeks ago. Saving $100/month. They called back, keen on keeping me on, offering to chop off almost 40% of that price, but to be frank it’s not even their service, it’s the fact I get 400+ channels and only 5 of those ever have content I want to watch, and two of *those* I can get over the air.

      Let’s see how well Netflix on my new AppleTV fares…

      1. Before cable cancellation last year, I was spending $120 a month after being forced to pay for a premium tier, adding hundreds of useless channels and music. Why? Because I wanted ONE channel — TCM.

        Listed about a dozen channels in my favorites, but in reality and like you, watched a handful on a regular daily basis.

        Should get interesting … stay tuned. 🙂

  1. There sure is a lot of digital ink being spent on something that hasn’t really been discussed by Apple. The rumors and speculation are building this iTV up so high that all of these analysts are going to be very disappointed when one actually is released, because it won’t do all of the things (like create unicorns from taquitos) they think it should.

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