Apple last night debuted a new television advertisement on U.S. and Canadian broadcast and cable networks.

The spot features a girl and her grandfather sharing a moment of holiday cheer as the girl sings “I’ll be Home for Christmas” over FaceTime between his iPad (4th gen.) and her iPad mini.

The simple ad really allows for those who are unfamiliar with FaceTime to see how it works and gives an example — perfectly in tune with the season — of how they might use FaceTime in their lives.

Apple’s “I’ll Be Home” TV ad, featuring iPad, iPad mini, and FaceTime:

Direct link to video here.

MacDailyNews Take: This is one of Apple’s better ads – ever. Not only does it fit perfectly with the season and effortlessly show off the products and technology in a real, believable way, the clean, simple audio track compels everyone in the room to stop and look to see what’s going on.