Morgan Stanley survey shows strong Apple iPhone, iPad demand

“Morgan Stanley analysts Katy Huberty and Jerry Liu on Monday said a survey of more than 1,000 consumers indicates strong demand for the iPhone 5 and the iPad by Apple Inc.,” Steve Gelsi reports for MarketWatch.

“‘U.S. iPhone purchase intentions beat our forecast,” analysts said. “Stable 50% iPad share also surprised us, despite our modeled drop next year.’ Huberty and Liu reiterated their overweight rating on Apple and said the stock remains on the brokerage’s Best Idea list,” Gelsi reports.

MacDailyNews Note: At Morgan Stanley, an overweight rating means the analyst believes the stock will produce a greater total return (appreciation plus any dividend income) than the average return expected of others covered in its industry over the next 12 to 18 months

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    1. Only by those that you would never go to buy an Apple product from, until, that is, they become either discounters of Apple products or better stores,

      Take Walmart for example. Who in they’re right mind would have thought that an Apple type of customer would shop at Walmart when prices are the same in both stores. You only go Walmart when the price is cheaper. Only then is it worth breathing the carcinogenic plastic smelly air within a Walmart store.

        1. 1. If you have any Apple devices, tell us where you bought each one. If you don’t have any, then STFU.

          2. Give us numbers of iPhones sold at Walmart vs iPhones sold at other outlets. These i believe will show that Walmart is not the place people go to buy iPhones. You want to deal with facts then provide these numbers. I gave you my OPINION since I don’t have these numbers.
          So provide these numbers or, again, STFU.

  1. RadioShack is 4 miles from home. Walmart 7 miles. Best buy 40 miles. Apple 60 miles. I bought an iPhone at Walmart before radio shack carried them. This week, I bought a $150 iPhone for my daughter at the shack. So, lighten up.

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