iOS 6 adoption after Google Maps release stays flat, any negative impact of Apple Maps highly exaggerated

“Many, including us, thought that the introduction of Google Maps might lead to a rapid uptake in iOS 6 adoption, the idea being that many were holding out in order to keep Google’s offering as the default on their iPhones, iPads and iPod touches,” Darrell Etherington reports for TechCrunch.

MacDailyNews Take: Most definitely not including us. 90% of the Apple Maps imbroglio was/is FUD that wasn’t going to stop the vast majority of consumers from upgrading to latest version of the world’s best mobile operating system/platform/ecosystem.

“But Chitika, a mobile ad network that regularly tracks iOS adoption rates based on devices accessing apps using its platform, has found negligible impact on how many users have upgraded a day and a half after the Google Maps release,” Etherington reports. “Chitika’s data shows that of users accessing its network, the average number using iOS 6 went from a very high 72.77 percent when Google Maps was released at midnight ET on Dec. 13 to a very slightly higher 72.94 percent as of 2:24 PM on Dec. 14.”

“That difference is slim enough that Chitika says there was ‘no immediate impact’ at all on iOS 6 adoption rates vs. the existing trends the network has been seeing. There was virtually no difference, let alone a dramatic spike,” Etherington reports. “The takeaway? While a vocal minority may have claimed that they were holding out for a dedicated Google Maps app before upgrading, it seems that overall, many had decided to already take the iOS 6 plunge long before the app’s arrival.”

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  1. You folks still staring at a grid of stale icons with a crap map app! Just how much polish can you put on a 4 year old turd anyway? Wake up and get the 920, stop living in the past. It blows all others away.

  2. I held off on iOS 6 for a while then switched but used the Google Maps web version (which was also a Tim Cook suggestion in the apology letter if I remember correctly). So perhaps that has had an impact on the apparently small increase in iOS 6 installations following the release of the Google Maps iOS app. Apple Maps remains shocking in many parts of the world. All I am looking for is reasonable accuracy and some useful public transport info and it fails to deliver on both counts. Thank heavens the Google app appeared.
    Many Apple enthusiasts seem to assume that Apple Maps will eventually get it right and will then lead the field. Not much evidence of it so far.

  3. Eventually, Apple Maps will quietly become the dominant mapping app used on the iPhone (if it isn’t already), for the same reason that IE dominates on Windows and Safari on the Mac. It comes already installed, it’s right there on the main screen, and for the vast majority of users, it will be more than good enough. People bitched about Safari and IE back when they were introduced, but today, only power users install other browsers.

    I have the Google Maps app “just in case”, and I’ll probably use a couple more times to evaluate it, but long term I expect to be using Apple Maps for all my mapping needs.


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