Apple iTV: Why this one feature will crush the competition

“Forbes writer Eric Savitz wrote an excellent piece on Tuesday highlighting the market’s enthusiasm and the buzz surrounding an Apple TV, or the iTV as it is presumed to be called,” Richard Saintvilus writes for Forbes, “Consumers are already jumping at the chance to pay 20% more than they would otherwise pay for a current Smart TV.”

“At first I was a little surprised. But after thinking about it, I realized so would I,” Saintvilus writes. “But it’s not for the reasons that you think. Paying top dollar for Apple products has become the expectation. But consumers have also come to expect more. But what would an iTV give me that I don’t already have? But after opening my refrigerator it suddenly hit me – a Facebook ‘like’ button. Refrigerator – you ask? I’ll get more to that later.”

Saintvilus writes, “There’s no way this television ambition can work without it. The iTV has to have one. More specifically, it needs to have some type of social and commercial integration. Otherwise it will be a colossal failure. I want it and so should you… Cook salivates at the massive social aspect to TV that remains untapped. And if Apple gets this right the company can easily secure 90% of the TV market within a couple of years.”

“What if iTV was able to make you look forward to commercials – to the point that you would even consider recording them?” Saintvilus asks. “It sounds crazy – I know. But with a ‘like’ button on iTV and a rewards program from Groupon, Living Social or even your favorite local grocer, you would love commercials.”

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  1. Facebook is for old people. I do not want Facebook or any social networking hooks into my TV. I always turn it off in iOS and on my Mac. Social Network integration has to stop. I’m even considering dropping anything that has Social Network hooks built-in if they are not easy to turnoff and/or on by default. Currently Apple has them off by default, let’s hope that they leave them off by default.
    If someone is so tied into Facebook that they want Facebook integration into their TV, I some advise for you, Stop using Facebook for a month and go out and have some real personal social interactions with real people, you’ll be a better human for it. A big plus will be that you’ll forget about Facebook and it’s tiring crap and ads. So, I repeat, get off Facebook and socialize with real people in a face to face personal way.

  2. I agree with this idea. I have not been to prison and am not wealthy so I never had cable TV. I’ve not been a Neilsen family so my input on my TV likes has never been considered. We should not forget that people like to interact with one another even to the point of commercials (Super Bowl ads discussions). I think, liking ads while watching TV, could be both fun and financially rewarding. Using your earned iLike coupons you could possible save enough to pay for your iTV.

  3. At best, I _might_ tolerate commercials for the promise of some sort of reward for watching things I already like. At worst (and probably much more likely), I’ll ignore it just as I ignore much of the noise and chaff created by almost all social media: using it, the hype surrounding it, wasting large amounts of time with it, etc.

  4. TiVo has had their “thumbs up” and “thumbs down” buttons since they got started. Better than a simple “like,” they permit three levels of “like” or three levels of “don’t like” (as well as neutral, represented by neither up or down) and use this information to suggest additional programs you might like. It would surprise me if this feature was not patented; Apple should tread carefully here.

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