Holiday Apps categories begin appearing in Apple TV menus: Mistake or preview of what’s to come?

“Apple recently updated iTunes and Apple TV content with holiday-themed sections, featuring ‘Holiday apps & games’ and ‘Snow Sports’ sections on the top of the App Store in iTunes and on iOS devices,” Jordan Kahn reports for 9to5Mac. ‘Curiously, as spotted by Mac OS Ken, Apple is also displaying holiday-themed sections on Apple TV and advertising apps for not only snow sports but also ‘Apps for Shopping,’ ‘Holiday Cooking Apps,’ ‘Deep Games for Holiday Downtime,’ and more.”

“Selecting the banners for most of these new sections leads to an empty page, without any apps listed,” Kahn reports. “Some, such as the Apps for Shopping section, doesn’t appear to be working at all.”

Read more, and see the screenshots, in the full article here.


        1. Thanks! I was a bit worried for a moment because what came to mind was a spring awakening of something or the other, & I presume we know what spring awakenings morph into! So I will cheer myself by thinking that you were being ironic.

  1. Holy crap Apple’s sloppy. On and on. Tim Cook’s too busy being creepy on TV to give a crap about product quality.

    Mountain Lion as well as a whole is bloody buggy. I notice new bugs every few weeks.

    And Apple’s App Store and iBookstore is slow as shit.

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