Apple’s ‘Made in USA’ computer likely to be Mac Pro

“When Tim Cook announced Thursday that Apple would be investing $100 million to build one of its Mac line of computers exclusively in the U.S. next year, he didn’t say which line that was,” Philip Elmer-DeWitt writes for Fortune.

P.E.D. writes, “But he really didn’t have to. There’s only one Mac that fits the bill, and that’s the Mac Pro. Here’s why…”

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MacDailyNews Take: As we wrote Thursday morning: Next-gen Mac Pro? With the line’s smaller production volume requirements, it’d be a good candidate and, this past June, Tim Cook stated that Apple is working on professional Mac for “later next year.”

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  1. The last Macs produced in the US were the BTO Mac Pros. My bet is a return to form.
    My Quad Core Mac Pro is ready to find a new home as soon as Apple pulls the trigger.

  2. My prediction:
    Announce made in America Mac Pros in early 2013. Then at WWDC announce a line of touch enabled macs (iTouch), along with the next OSX version, that are a hybrid between iPad and iMac, with a flexible hinge (made possible by liquid metal’s elasticity), that would allow for an easy vertical to horizontal transition. With the same computing power as the MBA to keep costs down, it would not only be a great consumer device, but it would also be a perfect thin client for small business, education, kiosks, payment register, art, drafting.. etc.

  3. I heard that to keep costs down and quality high they’ll be importing Chinese laborers for 6-month shifts on a rotating work visa plan to staff the plant. They wanted to have longer cycles, but research suggested that the workers start eating more than they earn and their health begins to fail.


  4. I’m betting on the Mac Pro. As ken1w noted, the Mini and Mac Pro are unique in being Apple’s remaining computers without a monitor. Perhaps these two lines will merge, as evolving standards (e.g. Thunderbolt, SSD) are lessening the need for large chassis and elaborate cooling systems. Tim Cooke has alluded to a completely rethought professional machine; I anticipate something like a taller mini with improved cooling, a few more internal expansion options, and easier user servicing.

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