Microsoft’s next CEO: Scott Forstall?

“A few columns ago, I mused that Scott Forstall could likely fix the Windows Mobile operating system and make it play nice with Windows for the PC,” Greg Mills writes for MacNews. “There aren’t that many people in the world with the skill set to design and manage the development of an entire mobile platform.”

“Scott is one of those people. With his abrasive personality (at least it’s abrasive when it suits him) he could get rid of the dead wood hanging around Redmond simply drawing large pay checks,” Mills writes. “However, he ought to be CEO, not just a vice president.”

MacDailyNews Note: “Scott Forstall will be leaving Apple next year and will serve as an advisor to CEO Tim Cook in the interim.” – Apple Inc., October 29, 2012

Mills writes, “Some years ago I took an Emergency Medical Technician course. We learned that in the medical world when someone is brain dead, keeping them on life support eventually becomes expensive and meaningless. So it is with high tech companies that lose their way…. The corporate ‘failure to thrive’ decline really begins in the CEO’s brain. Fortunately, companies can replace an under-achieving CEO and hire a new one, while it is ‘game over’ for brain dead people. Forstall is soon going to be available and would be a strong replacement for Ballmer.”

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MacDailyNews Take: No, no, no, Steve Ballmer is doing a fine job! We like his strategy. We like it a lot. For as long as it takes!

Besides, the track record of former Apple VPs with chips on their shoulders who thought they had what it takes to go up against Apple is laughable.

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  1. Scott after being cast out, turns revengeful and crosses over to The Dark Side. NOooooo!

    I hope he’s not that desperate. But it would certainly be the biggest challenge of his life—bailing out the Titanic just before it breaks in half and sinks to the bottom.

  2. When Microsoft dumped Sinofsky I thought Apple and Microsoft may have started something they’ll regret. True disruption if Forstall and Sinofsky joined forces to make a new platform seriously challenging (or properly bridging) Apple and Windows. If they don’t kill each other trying they can make something more compelling and exciting than Apple or Microsoft, and they have probably will have the motivation, drive and chops to do it. Be fun to watch.

  3. I think that Microsoft deserves that which is equal to what it put Apple through – being brought to an inch of it’s life by an incompetent clown of a CEO. It does NOT deserve to die. Punishment should be equal to the crime. (Let the accusations of heresy begin in 3. 2. 1.)

  4. This MDN phrase, “as long as it takes” — I think it’s had its useby date. We’ve seen that Apple can be a real bastard in its role as a Microsoft-like monopolist. It says it nicely, “we can’t please everyone” but essentially it means – go jump since we can make tons of money without catering to all customers.

    Dear MDN, in everyone’s life, things start off as a good idea, but somewhere along the line they continue as an addiction that we can’t remember why we started it and now can’t give it up because of fear, embarrassment and sometimes sheer foolishness. I think this “as long as it takes” falls into this category. Any sane Mac fanboy, in his quiet moments, realises we NEED Microsoft, because Apple has the DNA to become worse than Microsoft if it ever gets to the monopolist marketshare that MS once had.

    Please think. Don’t just prattle stuff because you’ve done it before. I realise that the majority of people are sheep, and just do things out of habit — but, seriously, MDN, you need a wakeup call.

  5. Scott will leave and setup an alternative computer company. The products will be good but customers won’t understand them. He will buy shares in an animation company and develop a new wave of films. Mean while Apple will decline though some bad marketing and decision making with a huge range of products. Scott will asked back to Apple as CEO and knock it back into shape and history will repeat itself. Easy, just a waiting game….

  6. even he will still work for apple as advisor next year, you MDN can’t guarantee whether he will suddenly quit, move to any company including MS. you never know. don’t be sure about it, dumb MDN. everytime when I see MDN comment, more than 80% is so pathetic, desperately doing some fucking fanboy job. wake up. apple is over.

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