Microsoft’s next CEO: Scott Forstall?

“A few columns ago, I mused that Scott Forstall could likely fix the Windows Mobile operating system and make it play nice with Windows for the PC,” Greg Mills writes for MacNews. “There aren’t that many people in the world with the skill set to design and manage the development of an entire mobile platform.”

“Scott is one of those people. With his abrasive personality (at least it’s abrasive when it suits him) he could get rid of the dead wood hanging around Redmond simply drawing large pay checks,” Mills writes. “However, he ought to be CEO, not just a vice president.”

MacDailyNews Note: “Scott Forstall will be leaving Apple next year and will serve as an advisor to CEO Tim Cook in the interim.” – Apple Inc., October 29, 2012

Mills writes, “Some years ago I took an Emergency Medical Technician course. We learned that in the medical world when someone is brain dead, keeping them on life support eventually becomes expensive and meaningless. So it is with high tech companies that lose their way…. The corporate ‘failure to thrive’ decline really begins in the CEO’s brain. Fortunately, companies can replace an under-achieving CEO and hire a new one, while it is ‘game over’ for brain dead people. Forstall is soon going to be available and would be a strong replacement for Ballmer.”

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MacDailyNews Take: No, no, no, Steve Ballmer is doing a fine job! We like his strategy. We like it a lot. For as long as it takes!

Besides, the track record of former Apple VPs with chips on their shoulders who thought they had what it takes to go up against Apple is laughable.

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  1. I don’t want this to happen for the simple reason that nobody can be worse than Ballmer. Forstall may or may not be good – that’s dangerous when we know Ballmer is certainly terrible.

  2. It could happen or maybe Forstall would be hired as a consultant. Forstall no doubt has a huge chip on his shoulder and Microsoft has a huge ape in the corner office.

  3. Couldn’t happen to a nicer guy, or soon enough. Granted, I’m pro-APPL, own stock and devices, but competition is good. It drives innovation. I want the next best thing. So don’t we need someone to invent it, drive it? And then APPL can sell it if it’s theirs or make a better one. Let’s not repeat Ballnut’s mistakes and end up stuck in the 21st century.

    1. I always wonder about these “competition is good” comments. Do you think Apple doesn’t have enough competition as it is? Do they really need more? I don’t have anything against competition, but I also don’t see a need for even more working against apple. I’d like to see Mac computers get a good bit more market share first.

      1. Does Apple really have competition? On paper maybe but with the handful of products they produce they are annihilating their so-called competition. They didn’t accumulate that $120B in cash because they had tough competition.

        It may be problematic for Forstall to join Microsoft because of intellectual property issues – Steve would NOT be happy. And I do enjoy seeing Microsoft continue to “face-plant” as much as the next MDN reader. Nevertheless, I would genuinely like to see someone else doing something exciting in the industry. Apple is really good. Buy they could and should be better. It’s human nature – everyone needs a little fear in the back of their collective mind to propel them forward. What’s Apple got to fear right now, except perhaps stubborn cable operators?

  4. Steve Jobs was like a great white shark. Scott Forstall as his acolyte is like a tiger shark. Together they killed everything that swam in the ocean, so long as the ocean consisted of consumer electronics products.

    Microsoft is a big fat walrus that thrives on selling to corporate doofuses and catches its meal, fish, by avoiding the predators of the ocean. Asking Scott Forstall to join Microsoft would be asking him to shed his shark’s teeth and put on 2,000 lb of blubber, like that fat bald sweaty guy at the top.

  5. You know why apple make so many “Magical” devices, because apple is a magical place, some how, they have the best people in the world, but as soon as those people leave apple, they became an average Joe, Look at Rubestain, or the guy who went to became JC Penny’s CEO, Wozniak him self.
    No mater who from apple go to microsoft, Apple will still great and microsoft will still suck.

  6. Microsoft’s next CEO: Scott Forstall?

    Seriously, if Microsoft were to bring Scott in, it’s Game Over for Microsoft. Why? Because this would be a Hail Mary move, when they have no more moves. They would have already given up on everything else and themselves.

    So, this is such a silly idea. It could work and it would be brilliant. But so desperate that it would mean all sanity is lost at MS.

    Think movie: Armageddon, Scott Forstall is a team of two antiquated space shuttles, exploded on rockets to drill and nuke an oncoming extinction event asteroid, to save Earth, with 5 minutes to spare.

  7. The forced conjoining of totally unrelated tech news reminds me of The Human Centipede. Is there really such a dearth of analytic talent out there? “We hear Forstall’s abrasive; maybe he’d be able to clean the dead wood from Microsoft”. My head nearly exploded.

    This type of analytical excretion is a fucking abomination.

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