Black Friday: Apple cuts $101 off MacBooks

“Apple on Thursday launched its Black Friday sale on Macs, offering $101 off MacBooks,” AppleInsider reports.

“But customers in the market for the lowest prices will have better luck at the company’s authorized resellers, which offer much deeper discounts,” AppleInsider reports.

Check out all of the Black Friday prices in the full article here.


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60 Hour Black Friday Sale at Up to $799 Off Macs, Tablets, Accessories & more w/ Free Shipping on Orders Over $25. Ends 11/23, midnight PT


  1. It is most amusing to discover that the “Huge Savings” offered by MacMall on a 16gb Wi-Fi 4th gen iPad are a mind-blowing $25 — 5 percent. How to describe Apple’s own $41 savings on the same device?

  2. This ‘Black Friday Sale’ sale is and continues to be nothing more than a ‘marketing ploy’. The savings are always ‘marginal’ and restricted to only a ‘handful’ of ‘selected’ items. This occasion is no exception.’Disappointing’ and ‘Cynical’.

  3. I’ve been trying to order a 32GB white iPad from Apple and it simply will not accept my debit card, the same one I’ve had linked to my account for years. There’s plenty of money in there, not over the limit, and the account checks fine. It’ll probably work fine tomorrow after the $51 discount is gone. And what’s up with having to order over the phone at MacMall? Their discount is $41 so screw them too. Why the hell do they have to make something simple a friggin’ hassle?

      1. Yeah, I spent about 45 minutes trying it on the phone and they couldn’t figure it out either. Turns out Apple puts a $1 charge on the card, kind of like a place holder I guess. Anyway, my credit union recently instituted a policy that any charge under $10 gets put on hold. Once the numbskulls took the hold off I was able to order on line with no problem. And yes, there is more than one way to place an order. We use to have to mail a check or money order, and ordering by phone sure as hell isn’t a whole lot better. It’s hard to believe the gawdawful crap Apple is piping through while you are on hold.

        1. Credit unions used to be a good deal. But since everyone flocked to them when the banks started becoming arrogant and complacent, they’ve instituted their own stupid policies, like this under $10 hold.

          Run, don’t walk, to your nearest locally owned full service bank. They will jump through flaming hoops to get your business now. They will usually offer free checking, free on line banking, free bill pay, and you may even get them to promise to come mow your lawn if you’ll just open an account.

          1. I’ve had my fill of banks, especially since one of them destroyed the business I worked at for 17 years. My credit union is really pretty good normally, but anymore they seem to be paranoid about security. They just recently had us create new stronger passwords and in some cases new user names. But I’d rather have that than the lax attitudes of some of these banks. And for that matter, some of the states like South Carolina. It’s just a shame we have to suffer because of crooks and thieves.

            1. I use a locally owned bank that has about 25 branches. They offer free checking, free bill pay, they bent over backwards to make it easy to open a business account there. They know my name when I walk through the door. They send me a birthday card every year signed by the whole staff at my local branch. They offer free coffee and cookies in their lobby. They offer $25 cash for any referral that results in a new account. They have been attentive to my complaints when their web banking pages did not work well with Safari. In short, they are everything WF and BofA are not.

              I’m able to walk in and get a $3000 cash advance on a credit card from another bank, with no hassle at all. I can transfer $10,000 or $20,000 between them and my larger bank (USAA) quickly and with no hassle. These are the things for which I keep a set of accounts at a local bank.

  4. I wonder when the new iMacs will be available for order? They are losing a lot of sales by not having them available for order today. I’ll wait but a lot of people may make other choices. There are those people who are not longtime Mac users sitting on the fence. C’mon Apple get your shit together.

    1. And I don’t give a damn about an ultra thin monitor. I’m buying a 27 inch iMac if they ever become available. I have a 27 inch iMac that I purchased last December and I don’t care how thick or thin the monitor is. Who the hell cares? The 27 inch iMac will be a gift. Although I will consider getting myself another if the screen is not glossy as I have heard. I do not like the current glossy screen. And even though I don’t use it a lot, I’m not happy about losing the optical drive either. And they went up $100 each. And I believe the slower model of the 27 inch iMac has fixed memory. You cannot upgrade. Don’t care for that either. But I’ll buy one and probably two if they ever become available. And I have my doubts now that the 27 inch can be delivered before Christmas. That really fries my ass! C’mon Apple get your shit together!

      1. I have not registered (like many others) when MDN changed their system way back when and tried to force many of us old timers who had been registered from early on on this site to re-register. I just refuse to do it.

        With regard to many of your fanboi posts. There are those of us who have been using Apple products since the 70s — and continue to use and prefer them (mostly). However, we see the current situation as a possible prelude to actions taken several times many years ago — and not good actions either.

        Why would Apple announce new iMacs that you can’t buy for more than six weeks? This kills all sales of iMacs. Ever heard of the Osborne Effect? So for a month or more Apple sells absolutely zero iMacs. That can’t do anything but hurt the bottom line and tick off potential customers.

        For a guy that is supposed to be a supply chain expert, Cook is truly screwing up his supply. The supply line is getting MARGINALLY better, but for a while the wait on over 70% of Apple’s product line was three weeks or more. There is no way to say it other than Apple’s been screwing up with regard to product availability! To deny that is to have your head in the sand.

        Conversely, to those that say 2% to 20% off is not a sale… Any discount below standard pricing is a sale. If it’s not enough to get you to buy, then don’t buy. That’s your choice. This is not the days of the huge “gray market” in Apple products where you could routinely get Apple products at 45+% off (and gray market prices fluctuated by as much as 15% on daily basis) that existed two decades ago. Steve very effectively killed that (though not 100%) long ago. Apple pricing is fairly standard. Discounts below that standard pricing is called A SALE.

        1. You might apply a little logic. Suppose you are Tim Cook and you know that you can’t get new iMacs into your stores before maybe December 10th. It’s now mid-October and the Christmas buying season is just around the corner. Do you let Acer, Dell, Samsung, etc. have all the sales you would have racked up if your new iMacs were available now? Or do you announce that the new iMacs will be available 6 weeks from now and freeze sales for not only yourself, but all those other manufacturers too? When the frozen sales thaw, you get all of your own frozen sales plus a good chunk that otherwise would have gone to those other manufacturers.

          Now, before you try to argue that my dates are wrong, the dates I chose are ballpark examples. I don’t have the inclination or the time to go look up the actual dates. Trust me, it still works the same way even if the dates are off a week or two.

          It’s the same strategy MS uses all the time, except that Apple actually has the products in the pipeline, whereas MS’s vaporware offerings are always promised for “next year”.

        2. “I have not registered (like many others) when MDN changed their system way back when and tried to force many of us old timers who had been registered from early on on this site to re-register. I just refuse to do it.”

          I love it. “Us Oldtimers” refused to be forced to register. As one who actually was here at the time, I remember that “Us Oldtimers” were asking MDN to provide registration so that trolls couldn’t post false statements using our screen names. Force? What force was applied? You still seem to be here and unregistered. Funny, I don’t remember a shadowself going back very far. Of course, one of the things that being unregistered allows is fantasizing about how long you’ve been here and what you’ve posted in the past. And please, every Apple troll who ever existed “owned one of the first Apple II machines”. Apple must have sold billions of them.

  5. 5% to 10% – yaaaawwwwwwn!
    Really Apple? This isn’t a sale, it’s called riding on the coattails of your neighbor’s true sales and bargains.
    It looks like somebody wants to keep his annual CEO bonus as obnoxiously huge as possible.
    Apple: One of the lamest black Friday sales.
    Just wait until after Christmas and the stores have stockrooms full of “refurbished” products (people getting 4 of them at once as presents). They’re perfectly fine and have the full 1 year warranty. They are usually discounted 20%.
    Also check Best Buy around the same time for discounted “Open box” Apple items.

    …and why the H-ll do I have to enter my password twice here at MacDailyNews? We’re being surrounded by more idiots that wouldn’t know good GUI if it kicked them in the nutz.

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