Users report dead Apple TVs after installing software update; manual downgrade reportedly resurrects device

“Problems associated with the latest software update for the Apple TV set-top box have resulted in non-functional units for some users,” AppleInsider reports. “Details of the issues can be found in a growing thread discovered by AppleInsider at the Apple Support Communities website. There, users of the iOS-based Apple TV models indicate that upgrading the software on their device has rendered it useless.”

“Manually downgrading the Apple TV software has been discovered to work as a possible fix for those affected by the issue,” AppleInsider reports. “The process requires installing an IPSW restore file from Apple, plugging the Apple TV into a Mac or PC with a micro USB cable, and force restoring the software through iTunes.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Our AppleTVs were upgraded without incident, how ’bout yours?


  1. i’m on 5.1 but the most annoying bug is that if i use ethernet instead of wifi some of the apps don’t work. its a well documented bug too

    MLB and photo stream are the ones that i tested

  2. It would be great to know which upgrade to avoid and if it is a problem on both my 1st and 2nd generation AppleTV devices.

    I will check to see what the last upgrade was. It worked fine and may have been done a few weeks ago on my 2nd generation AppleTV.

  3. Holy old news, Batman. I thought the update dropped today. Because I suffer from Apple Update OCD such that I cannot peacefully co-exist with a non-updated Apple product (and so are most of you…so don’t look askance at me), I applied this update months ago to 720 and 1080p models…no issues.

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