Apple, Tesla completely embarrass Microsoft whose employees should be livid, ashamed or both

“Any person even remotely associated with Microsoft should be livid, ashamed of him/herself or a mix of both,” Rocco Pendola writes for The Street. “Livid if they’re not accomplice to the company’s active and ongoing implosion. Ashamed if they have mailed it in over the last five years.”

“You’re misleading yourself if you cannot see the writing on the wall. Get ahead of the curve on this one: Microsoft is the next Research in Motion,” Pendola writes. “You can’t make a big enough deal over the travesty Microsoft contributes to in the tech space. It’s what amounts to plagiarism vs. using somebody else’s work as a source of inspiration. Tesla does the latter, Microsoft the former with respect to the Apple retail concept.”

“Walk into a Tesla store. You see something modeled after an Apple Store, however, you never feel like you’re seeing a copycat, such as the types Steve Jobs chided at one of his last product launch presentations for Apple,” Pendola writes. “Obviously, the Microsoft experiment didn’t work out well, no matter how you slice it. It certainly didn’t drive meaningful sales, save xBox… The Tesla model not only works, it looks good as an Apple-inspired concept. It’s respectable… Microsoft obviously designed most of its stores by taking photographs of an Apple Store and literally copying every last aspect. I would say ‘detail,’ but that makes it sound like Microsoft was thorough in its larceny. There are no cosmetic distinctions. None.”

Pendola writes that one “distinction that sets Apple and Tesla as retailers apart from Microsoft: Steve Jobs and Elon Musk stock their stores with beautiful and unique products that people want to touch and aspire to buy. If you have the resources to make a purchase from either store, you get in line to do it. Given the cold reception to the Surface Tablet and Windows 8, Microsoft clearly doesn’t have the ability to level the playing field in that regard… It’s impossible for retail to drive your brand and consumer experience, if your products suck. Simple as that.”

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Ballmer Bomb

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