Apple Stores dominate retail with double the sales per sq. ft. of nearest rival, Tiffany & Co.

The retail industry is changing faster than ever these days, with most of the attention focused on innovation and technology. Between smartphones and tablets, social media and apps, consumers have seemingly unlimited choices of how and where they shop.

However, brick-and-mortar stores are still responsible for over 90% of retail sales in the United States. Shoppers still value the ability to see and touch the merchandise, and more than anything they prize the in-store shopping experience. In this study, RetailSails provides a comprehensive analysis of store productivity measures for a cross-section of over 200 American retailers which span 15 sectors, operate more than 200,000 stores and generate over $1.6 trillion in retail store sales.

Apple Retail Stores have captured shoppers’ imaginations and dominate the competition with sales per square foot nearly more than double its closest rival.

RetailSails 2012 Chain Store Productivity Guide – Overall Rankings
RetailSails 2012 Chain Store Productivity Guide - Overall Rankings
Data based on latest reported trailing 12-months of results

Source: RetailSails

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  1. One day these talking heads will understand WHY Apple stores do so well.

    • Buy a product at the Apple Store or On Line at Apple’s Store at the same price.

    • The Apple store can service and train you on what you are buying.

    • Apple is trusted

    Try these points with BestBuy, local PC stores, clothing stores, music stores, sporting goods stores, … You can not answer yes to ALL 3 points. I am sure there are more points. I the end, people don’t like being played and feeling they got a bad deal with an inferior product or service.

    1. I’ve financed a lot of retail, including malls with Apple stores, Apple stores themselves, and Apple corporate buildings that were leased. I’ve seen NOTHING that comes close to doing what Apple retail does, not just in sales/SF, but also with the mix of store types they have, from “Flagships” to street retail to strip malls and enclosed regional centers. I’m in a moderately sized Midwestern metro that has an Apple store in one of the malls, and a Microsoft store in the CBD. Apple Store — always busy, frequently packed. MSFT — they built those mostly to have field employees, didn’t they?

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