Walmart employees fired after throwing and dropping Apple iPads (with video)

“Four not-so-intelligent Walmart employees from Pikeville, Kentucky will be searching for new jobs tomorrow after they filmed themselves inside a Walmart stockroom, tossing boxed up Apple iPads at each other,” PadGadget reports.

“The video, which was clearly not meant for the Internet, was sent by an anonymous employee of the Walmart to a Reddit user,” PadGadget reports, “and according to follow up comments, the employees have since been fired and prosecuted.”

WARNING: Language used in video below NSFW (depending on where you work)

Full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: We hereby nominate “not-so-intelligent Walmart employees” for Redundancy of the Week.


    1. Perhaps those Walmart employee just got confused and used the throwing and dropping instructions for servicing Microsoft Surface tablets. Either that, or they were mad because they bought an Android tablet and not an iPad.

      The good news is, those tosses and drops probably did not affect the boxed iPads at all, given their solid construction and solid state circuitry.

  1. This is what WINDOZE suffers and DROID settlers sound like. And they all come from Kentucky.

    Ask any one of these red necks this question….”Where does Kentucky Fried Chicken originate from? They will not be able to answer.

  2. Future Darwin Award candidates. If people in the South bristle at stereotypes about them, this video certainly does little for their reputation.

    It’s also one of millions of reasons why I never set foot in SwillMart.

    1. I stopped shopping at Walmart over 20 years ago. When Walmart comes in other businesses close. It’s sad. I knew a Procter & Gamble rep that eventually quit because she couldn’t stand calling on Walmart. She said unlike Target,Kmart etc., Walmart was a nightmare to deal with. She said for her health she just simply quit. I realize a lot of people have to shop wherever they can to save money but Walmart is the pits. I like Target because it’s clean and I don’t feel like I have to carry a gun when I go in there. Burbank is getting a Walmart and a lot of folks are very upset about it. People are trying to fight it but Walmart just simply buys the local mayor and politicians. It happens anyplace they run into opposition. Do not shop at Walmart.

        1. Yeah, right. Try to buy something from Wal-Mart that was made in the USA. Now I understand maximizing profit. That is a corporation’s primary purpose, but sometimes the difference between made in the USA and 25¢ on a $10 item is going overboard (saw it on 60 Minutes). After all, that job Wal-Mart just sent overseas, is the one that might have been one of your customers.

          1. Well if 60 Minutes said it, it MUST be true.

            I’ll take the lowest price I can find. I don’t give a crap where it’s made. Walmart allows me to buy more for my family with my money.

            After four years of Obummer and another 4 more coming due to the stupid and the moochers, I need to save even more.

            1. I hope you do not make major decisions that affect other humans. It appears that you use simpleton logic and are a danger to yourself and others.

              That cheap widget you buy at WalMart will not last, it will need to be repurchased, again and again and again. Had you bought a widget of quality it would last longer, providing more value than the commodity trash you just got real cheap.

              Your continued shopping at walmart comes at the expense of the small businesses in your community.

              I could go on and on, but I would be wasting my breath. You are clearly a mouth breathing low IQ voter.

              BTW.. the largest single budget item in the US FY2013 discretionary budget is military spending (56%) Why do we need so many bullets and bombs to “protect the people” if we are just going to starve them?

              if those defense contractors would just stop mooching….

          2. What Wal-Mart jobs are going overseas? They’re retail. Most of their jobs are in the stores. In the US. Kind of hard to outsource cashier or greeter or cart getter, etc.

            If you’re referring to manufacture of the products they sell, they are no different from any other retailer.

            Folks we live Ina global economy.things are designed, manufactured, shipped, bought, and sold all over the globe. We like cheap. Globalization has provided for that.

            If you prefer locally made over cheap, do your research, pay more, and buy accordingly. Your dollar = your vote. Quit whining.

            1. You said: ” In the US. Kind of hard to outsource cashier”

              Not for lack of trying, do you really thing “self check-out” is for your “convenience”?

            2. Back2Mac: how long do you think America can be #1 at anything (other than cashiering, I guess) if Wal-mart (et al) eventually makes cashiering one of the only local jobs available?

              In fact America still has a fairly strong manufacturing base, thanks in large part to Obama’s saving of the US auto industry, but there are lots of other things made in the US … you just won’t find a lot of them at Wal-Mart, because Wal-Mart has as much loyalty to the US as Wall Street, which is to say none at all.

  3. No, seriously- how can ANYONE be SO stupid as to actually film themselves committing a crime (and such a sacrilegious crime!)?

    Has the average IQ of American workers really sunk that low?

    Sad. Truly sad.

    1. It not the average intelligence of America but rather the above average intelligence of Walmart employees! Don’t fear for them though. I’m sure that they will live under government assistance and Obamacare in the very near future. And you will be supporting these dumb asses just like you were every time you shopped at that godforsaken store.

        1. Looks like you forgot to proofread your post after you got done using Siri. “Everyone” should be “every one”. No worries though because the point is still correct.

            1. Every one


              The pronoun everyone, meaning ‘every person,’ is spelled as one word:
              – Everyone had a great time at the party.

              The pronoun every one, meaning ‘each one,’ is spelled as two words:
              – Every one of the employees got a bonus at the end of the year.

  4. I was waiting for one of them to say to the iPads, “C’mon, boy squeal like a piggy”. Well, at least, now they can spend more time with their wives, I mean sisters or is it cousin-wives.

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