Apple donates $2.5 million to American Red Cross for Hurricane Sandy relief

On behalf of employees, Apple is making a donation of $2.5 million to the American Red Cross to benefit Hurricane Sandy relief.

“Apple previously set up a page in iTunes for donating directly to the Red Cross, and Apple says it collected millions from both Apple customers and employees,” Seth Weintraub reports or 9to5Mac.

Read more in the full article here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Arline M.” for the heads up.]

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    1. Gaaaaaaaaarrrrryyyy-

      Hey asswipe- so you’re back! Don’t have anything to do now that your candidates Rmoney/Rayon-Teflon and the Repugs got shellacked, huh?
      Please tell us what YOU donated to the Red Cross for Hurricane Sandy relief?
      Go Fsck yourself and ESAD.

      1. +100

        They didn’t but they always bitch the loudest. They also don’t volenteer their time to help. I’m a coach and a emergency volunteer and have hundreds of examples.

        Henry, Gary? Got any other snappy responses.

  1. Nice of Apple to chip in.

    Puts a little pressure on other companies to step up. It’s the kind of donation Fortune 500 companies can match, but it doesn’t create the impression Apple raised the bar beyond their reach.

    There’s an art to making donations this big, Apple’s is right in the sweet spot.

    1. That’s one of the stupidest, inane, insensitive posts I’ve seen yet from someone on this site. You clearly have some massive scientific background that qualifies you to denigrate the idea that global warming may have made this storm worse than it might otherwise have been, or that mankind is at least partially responsible for said warming, despite all expert testimony to the contrary. Why does everyone have to be so vitriolic on this site? What happened to polite discourse? Is it just because it’s mostly anonymous that people feel they can be so crass, or are most people usually this crass? It’s truly mind-boggling.

  2. as a victim of sandy’s flooding i have spent 11 days in a cold dark house with both of my cars flooded out with sea water. i have looked for help from fema (21 day wait for inspector) my city hall (referral to welfare. offer to transport from welfare office to shelter and back to office for “check in” ) we had no bank access, my job was flooded as well (long beach ny). my son and i existed on heat from green wood scavenged from fallen trees and an old gas coleman lamp for over a week. no heat or hot water or news from the “outside”
    the red cross set up a “shelter” about 15 miles from here in a college gym and every 2 days or so distributed 2 or 3 7 oz self heating meals . and a few hot dogs . i’m not saying i’m not grateful to the red cross but the intake person at the county assistance office told me that only 2 % of the money given to the red cross actually gets used to help people
    Apples money would be better used giving lo or no interest loans to stricken people we don’t need a hand out of a hotdog or a free ride but we do need a hand while our homes AND jobs are being rebuilt. individuals know what they need and cash is king. same goes to billy joel and the rest they are helping the red cross administration not me or my neighbors. looks good in the press release but little actual help.the “safety net ” does not exist people its the Romney plan in action “i got mine screw you”

  3. and as for the post about the myth of “global warming” there are no credible scientists that do not work for oil companies or fox news that deny global warming . the simple math is x amount of sunlight falls on the earth every day . some of it is captured and used by plants and stored in leaf matter sugars and oils . Once stored this energy is “potential ” energy it collects in the earth . if you dig it up as coal ,oil or gas and burn it you are converting it back to kinetic energy and adding it to the x amount of energy that falls on the earth every day . 1=1 = 2 simple it is certainly adding to the strength of storms .
    collecting sun by using solar panels ,wind, tidal energy and storing that in the form of hydrogen from cracked water and re converting it to electricity with simple steam turbines heated by hydrogen gas or fuel cells is the way to use only contemporary energy for our needs batteries are wrong headed and last only 5 years at best as an added bonus the by product of burning hydrogen is water which means more cloud cover and a way to reverse global warming damage already done. Oil companies are desperately trying to pump out all the oil they can sell before it is as obsolete as whale oil and you are the fool if you buy there bull. take a ride in your car and put your hand on the exhaust manifold if you xenophobes don’t believe me .

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