Analyst on Apple: Don’t panic!

“Apple’s stock has taken a beating over the last few days — even dropping briefly on Wednesday to 20 percent below its high mark of $701.10 — but Jefferies analyst Peter Misek continues to have positive forecasts for the company,” Aabha Rathee reports for Wall Street Cheat Sheet. “The analyst reiterated his Buy rating and a $900 price target on the stock in a note to investors on Thursday after Apple stock closed at $558 on Wednesday.”

“According to Misek, the main reason for his optimism is his belief that Apple’s gross margin issues will be resolved this quarter,” Rathee reports. “In addition, the analyst says his checks indicate that the current iPhone 5 shortfall has been caused by assembly line issues at Hon Hai Precision Industries, and is thus easily solvable.”

Rathee reports that Hon Hai “idled about 50,000 employees due to component bottlenecks in the last quarter. But with those issues now alleviated, the manufacturer is trying to hire more people to meet the demand and Apple is paying Hon Hai higher amounts to do so.”

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  1. My stock is still up over 600% since 2007 so I’m good.
    Even from a year ago the stock is still up 40%.
    Once the gov’t stop bickering and sort out the tax mess they made the stock will bounce back.

  2. Ha! Ha! Ha! “Don’t panic!”, they say!… What a good joke!
    Everyone knows it: when things get down the drain, when a boat sinks, when devaluation or just when the end of a society style happens, there are always these believers to yell: “Don’t panic! Don’t panic! Don’t panic!”
    Too funny to see that same, since millennia old reactions, over and over again!

    1. This is where the 99% can get a boost.

      Apple is the only technology company in the world at is seriously kicking ass. No need to panic just keep the faith and the consumer will show again that we the people, together will privail.

  3. A good time for private buting to take control from hedge fund manipulatior and institutions.

    Buy Apple now for a better future and appreciate the only company in retail that cares about it’s users and that never compromises the user experience, quality or the user experience.

  4. like I was harping for weeks (and years)
    why doesn’t apple market its macs harder?
    (apologize to those who have read my rant before)

    60-70% of Apple’s profits is now from iOS devices. More than 50% just from iPhone. what that means is that when you depend on one product when things like maps, supply chain issues and other stuff (much of it B.S.) happens (which it will inevitably do) the stock tanks (700 to 550).

    I’ve followed apple for a long time, I remember after the giant expansion of iPod when it started to slow mac sales even up the slack.

    Today apple for some BIZARRE reason although they have superior products don’t hardly advertise macs.

    Where the imac ads? New mac mini, but where the ads?
    Over and over again I hear from PC people that they are fed up with Windows yet say they can’t get a mac because they don’t want a an imac and ‘give up their monitors etc’ — i.e they don’t even know an imac (much less a macPro) exists — and if they do they think the imac is a piece of junk (if it isn’t why doesn’t Apple market it?)

    With lots of negative reviews of Win 8, APPLE IS LETTING THE GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY SLIP:
    I have NEVER seen a mountain Lion TV ad in my area.
    Msft (a smaller company in size and profits) will spend $1 billion on Win 8, — I see entire TV series linked to Win 8 — what is apple doing?
    There has been no generic Mac ad since mac Pc guy since 2009 (unless you count the few aborted ‘Olympic ads’ ).

    Dell a company 40 times smaller than apple sends flyers to my home regularly, has newspaper ads, where is Apple Mac?

    With only 5% worldswide market share there must be easy billions to be made from mac.
    Not saying move away from mobile but will it harm apple to run A FEW MAC DESKTOP ADS?
    (and don’t tell me they do not have the resources with 8 billion profit a month and 120+ billion in the bank to do BOTH – market iOS as well as macs)

    I KNOW Macs are selling faster than PC rate but I think if they actually tried to market imacs, mac minis it might even go faster.

    it you make enough profits, even with PE compression the stock will rise.


    yes, I hope apple will panic a little and start trying to make money off their OTHER great products besides iOS.

    one more time : depending on ONE line of products is dangerous: one hiccup and the stock gets fukked.

    1. You make some very good points. I own iPhones, iMacs, Mac Minis, iPods and a third-generation iPad which I love. But I make my living with Mac Pros. With the additional help of a couple of Mac Minis and an iMac. But I do understand that it’s the iOS devices that sell the most for Apple. But Macs are not dead yet. I can’t wait for the new Mac Pro next year. Been waiting a long, long time. I agree with your observation about the lack of commercials for iMacs, Mountain Lion and anything OS X. I just don’t see that many Apple commercials. Maybe I don’t watch enough conventional television stations. Like most people, I have cable and quite often watch channels that run no commercials. But even on channels that have commercials it seems that I see very few Apple commercials. People who use Macs for living don’t have to be sold on them but we are very small portion of computer buyers. I’d like to see Apple ramp up their advertising especially now with the drop in the stock price. As you said it can’t hurt. You just can’t market your product too much. I know Apple spends a lot of money on advertising but I don’t see much of it. The days of Apple’s products selling themselves are over. There’s too much competition out there. Whether people want to hear that or not. Get with at Apple!

    2. Wait until the Surface flops like the Zune. I have Retina iPad propped up on my desk at work with slide shows of my beautiful photos. I use 15-inch Retina 500-gig MacBook Pro to scan my foot locker full of photo albums. And I ask you: what do people rescue out of a burning house? Photos are more valuable than anything. And to see them on Retina display is revolutionary.

      1. Yup. I have the third gen iPad and the retina display is great! But you and I know that. We’re “Mac guys”. You stop marketing your products and you stop selling your products. So Apple needs to keep pushing hard for the folks who haven’t had the experience of Apple goodies.

  5. In 2007 I was in Chicago and saw at every bus station, and wrapped on the buses, and up on billboards what amounted to an Apple explosion. The visual presence was striking, overwhelming, and extremely well done.

    Msft is currently engaged in a multi million dollar campaign for Surface and Windows 8. That it will gain SOME traction is a given. The windows installed base is very large. They have a lot of users…that’s undeniable… But there are other factors at work here:

    The PC (even the Mac) is in a declining state. Professionals will seek and find what they want for the purpose as long as the information is there and the product works.

    There’s still substantial growth and need for laptops since mobile computing is still growing exponentially, hence the introduction and promotion of the new 13 inch MacBook Pro.

    So it’s quite unlikely you will see any kind of major push on iMacs or Mac mini’s and certainly not Mac Pro’s (which are way overdue for a refresh).

    The ad push will continue for iPad mini, MacBooks, and to a lesser degree the rest of the Apple lineup. But you won’t see the big marketing effort because the ROI is not there for product lines with less upside potential.

    1. I kept hearing from Apple ‘lack of marketing’ defenders talking about PCs declining:

      with Windows PCs at 90% market saturation ok, i get that (no much room to grow except upgrades) …
      but with Macs at 5%? there is no room to grow? I don’t believe it. even in a declining Windows market Msft still sold 300 million Win 7 licences without too much effort and they still generate billions every quarter.

      Macs growing 1% in sales (thats sales not marketshare) last quarter from year ago isn’t great. (that’s from a huge increase in outlets like Apple stores in more places).

      With Win 8 becoming Vista 2 for some there seems to be a golden opportunity .

      The argument that Apple doesn’t push macs because “ROI not enough ” doesn’t make sense because apple was able to market macs when they sold MANY FEWER UNITS.
      if they can afford desktop ads in the old days when they sold less why can’t they do it now when they sell more? I used to even see Mac Pro ads in magazines.

      Remember when they sold FEWER macs (and when apple was much much poorer) they CONSTANTLY RAN MAC PC GUY ADS? I believe they made several dozen versions of those ads. But with iOs all disappeared (last in 2009)
      Yeah the ROI for ads for iOS might be BIGGER but why leave other pickings ?

      leaving fruit uplucked is not wise: like I said look at the stock. One hiccup on iPhone and you are burnt. (I’ve read big investors talking about this and that’s why they don’t invest)

      I simply think that the SVPs (and apple is run by a handful of svps) were so iOS and so concentrated on it that they ignored the mac side.
      I believe that Cook elevating Federighi a Mac OS guy was an attempt to balance things out. Forstall iOS chief was an SVP forever and he was terrific force (both at pushing products out and influencing direction) at apple .

  6. I think Apple should just relocate all its operations to China. China is an upcoming powerhouse, while the US is a guaranteed declining sinkhole. There is too much bickering for anything sensible can be done in the US. Standards are collapsing everywhere in the US, institutions are broken and cannot be trusted anymore. Most damaging of all, the US does not seem to want to solve its fiscal problems; its debts has now surpassed its GNP! And worse we have all the smart people who are making morons blushed with shame for conceding the art of stupidity to an elite class. Wall Street which has attracted a large portion of the smart people has dictated most industrial policies through the decades that have led to a royal mess to the US economy. The US has been feeding on a diet concocted by Wall Street, which seems to be palatable in the short term but highly carcinogenic in the long term. And the US is paying for this folly in spades now.

    Apple should be thinking now of jumping the leaking ship. The US is now a bastion of liberal disfunction.

  7. Let’s see. The U.S. Purchasing Managers’ Index (PMI) for Oct showed new export orders have now fallen for 5 consecutive months. Export orders have fallen for the 3 straight quarters. 68 companies in key stock indices like the S&P 500 have provided their earnings outlook for fourth quarter — 52 of these companies have provided a negative outlook. Less than 12% of CEOs believe the U.S. economy will improve in the next six months.

    Poor third-quarter earnings results, downgrades for fourth-quarter earnings, and down-and-out CEOs with a negative market view.

    Short some voodoo, magic, or divine intervention, there’s no saving this market. And no matter how good Apple is… it can’t hold up the entire market. When the market gets crushed, Apple is going get a serious haircut.

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