Why Apple will beat estimates next quarter

“Mr. Market has a warped sense of what is disappointing. When Apple (AAPL) released earnings recently, they were dubbed disappointing and led many to question if the company was going to make a habit of missing estimates,” Chad Henage writes for The Motley Fool. “While it’s true that Apple is running into tough comparisons, long-term investors are actually getting exactly what analysts have been predicting. For the last few years analysts have pegged Apple’s EPS growth rate at around 20%; but when the company delivers on this expectation, investors are disappointed?”

“The key to understanding Apple’s earnings is knowing that consumers behave in a certain way,” Henage writes. “Those who understand the cycle of Apple’s products can benefit from the drop in the stock when the company ‘disappoints,’ and this is why I believe Apple will easily beat estimates next quarter.”

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  2. As an investor, I have three key questions with respect to the last quarter of 2012. Since demand is very high for iPhone 5 and iPad Mini, I think the bootle neck for revenue is the production output. My questions:
    1.) How many iPhones will be build in Q4 2012 (calender)
    2.) How many iPad Mini will be build in Q4 2012 (calender)
    3.) When will China Mobile be included as a carrier?

    I am convinced that Apple will sell as many iPhone 5’s and iPad Mini’s as can be build. From there, we can calculate the revenue numbers for this quarter.

    Please respond!

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