Piper Jaffray: Apple may sell as many as 1.5 million iPad mini units in first weekend

“Piper Jaffray’s Gene Munster this afternoon opines that Apple (AAPL) may sell 1 million to 1.5 million of its iPad mini when they go on sale at retail tomorrow, after having been introduced two weeks ago,” Tiernan Ray reports for Barron’s.

“He forecasts the more limited sales because, he writes, the first wave of minis don’t come with the cellular option; those units will be available in mid-Novembe,” Ray reports. “Munster thinks smaller tablets will become a bigger story, and thinks the iPad stands a good chance in that respect: ‘We believe that over time… consumers will gradually realize the benefits of the smaller form factor iPad, which will drive adoption, although it may not take form in lines for tomorrow’s launch.'”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


  1. I think the wifi ipad models are more popular than the cellular versions. Apple doesn’t break out sales by model, but most people I know who have iPads (nearly everyone I know who has an iPad) has the wifi-only model.

    1. Unless you need GPS, recommend get WiFi and then get a Freedompop devcie which uses Sprint WiMax. 500MB month free data. Just got mine yesterday. Get 9 MB/sec download at my office on iPad2 vs 18 MB/s on VZ LTE on my LTE iPad3. Works like a MiFi box. $99 up front cost.

  2. Having the cellular option really makes the iPad a powerful “always there” companion. I use it on my airplane panel for navigation (backup to primary system), then detach it and bring it to a business meeting.

    Very versatile.

  3. I was all set to get my wife a new iPad for Christmas to replace the one I got her two years ago, and they had to come out with the mini. Now I’m not sure which to get. Blast you Apple!

  4. He’s looking at the wrong question. The correct questions is “How many iPad mini’s has Apple made?”

    They will sell all of them the opening weekend. And they will continue to sell every iPad mini they can make through the holidays. That might also include through the Chinese holidays (mid February 2013).

    1. You sir have hit the nail on the head. That’s exactly what matters. It’s the main reason, although certainly not the only, that the stock price has dropped like a rock. If they can just make and relay that news to the public and press, the stock will take off again. And AAPL could certainly use some good news. I am hoping that they can meet demand soon. I have had all three versions of the iPad in the Wi-Fi model only. I just haven’t needed the cellular connection with mine. But it has certainly taken over my desktop. I bought a new iMac 27 inch last December and seldom use it. I’d kind of like to buy a mini but don’t know if I would use it enough. I’m very happy with my iPad 3. Oh excuse me, “new iPad”. Somebody should be fired for calling it the new iPad! But speaking as a long time investor in AAPL, I want all of you to go out there tomorrow and buy at least one iPad Mini and possibly a couple of MacBook Pros too.

  5. Gene Munster triggered AAPL decline when he announced “worse case scenario” on the iPhone 5 was 6 million for the weekend – and then Apple sold 5…

    Gene, can you take a 2 year vacation please?

  6. I highly doubt it. it is not previous performance of apple they used to. as I said before, the game has been changed. stock price is still remain well under $600. it doesn’t improve anything. they can’t sell it as many as 1.5 millions within the first week. I bet it. preorder, reservation are different story. if supply will be lack, can’t follow demand, customers will cancel all of it, change to other better tablet. there isn’t only one can best in the market. you have choices like google, amazon, asus.

  7. A co-worker has a Nexus 7 and people were asking him if it was the new iPad mini. I could understand why. Most visibly, the darn thing came with a “smartcover” that looks and functions in the same manner as the iPad smartcover. It could have fooled me at a glance, so you have to forgive the uninformed for not knowing that the aspect ratio is wrong and that the iPad mini has not yet been shipped to the public.

    Clearly, some of the courts have it wrong. Competitors have ripped off the Apple design and these copies are confusing to the public in terms of branding.

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