Apple’s iTunes Store now accepting Red Cross donations for Hurricane Sandy aid

“Apple has activated a portal on its iTunes Store that allows users to give monetary donations directly to the American Red Cross, with the gifts going to relief efforts as those on the Eastern Seaboard cope with the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy,” AppleInsider reports. “All told, the hurricane caused 33 U.S. fatalities, billions of dollars in damage and the electrical outages affecting some some 8 million people, 6.9 million of whom are still without power, reports CNN.”

“Apple and the Red Cross have partnered to offer an easy and anonymous system of donation giving through the iTunes Store,” AppleInsider reports. “Because the service is linked with existing credit cards on file through Apple’s servers, users can quickly give $5 to $200 simply by signing in to their iTunes account and clicking the ‘Donate’ button.”

AppleInsider reports, ” iTunes will transfer 100 percent of all donations directly to the American Red Cross without sending users’ names or contact information.”

More info in the full article here.

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    1. I agree. I gave up on Red Cross at how much their execs get paid! I personally not care if this was a private company but a charity? The only thing that made this less shameless was the exec did not have stock options.

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