Tim Seymour: Apple stock heading to $580

“The bar has been raised too high for Apple [AAPL] ahead of quarterly earnings and could disappoint investors, Tim Seymour of EmergingMoney.com said Wednesday on CNBC,” Bruno J. Navarro reports for CNBC

“On ‘Fast Money,’ he called out Apple CEO Tim Cook’s revelation this week that the company recently sold 100 million iPads,” Navarro reports. “In order to boost Apple stock, Seymour said, the company would need to sell in the neighborhood of 200 million iPads next year.”

Navarro reports, “‘It’s not a valuation question. It’s an overcrowded trade, where it’s show-me-now, and there’s not much to show them,’ he said. ‘I think the stock goes to down to $580 before you get good support.'”

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  1. Go ahead and drop, say what, $580, why not say $500, or hey, $400. How low can you gooooo anyone for $300? Keep it up Wall Street, and you might find yourself having to buy Apple on the Nikei index, or maybe they will just take it private, of BUY Wall Street, or better yet revamp the whole stock market itself, right after they get the TV deal they want.

    This investor is more concerned about the great quality products and especially the interface. Gosh I saw a computer salesperson trying to figure out Windoze 8 the other day, the poor guy was scared, until I told him not to worry, he won’t be selling that much of them. Then I walked over to the Mac area and talked to a couple who were wanting to buy a Mac for their son. He just stood there and watched me make the sale for him. It was easy cause it was a QUALITY decision for them.

    If you want quantity, but South Korean won’s, you can get thousands of them for 10 bucks.

  2. The Stock Shouldn’t be dropping this low because of several things investors fail to see. The Huge cash pile Apple is sitting on, the New innovative products and Constant demand for things that are getting talked about. Look around and see what people are using. Almost everyone is using apple products, Even Teenagers have iphones! So if the platform has the marketshare, there is huge interest in the products coming out and they are constantly selling out causing a 3-6 week backorder. The Stock should be going up not down. The Argument that Maps app and little non-issues like scratching and such isn’t solid. Think about the future products ,the marketshare and the increasing adoption of it’s products in various points and There is huge positives. Have Faith in Apple Being the Share price up and ignore the Naysayers!

  3. I bought AAPL in 2006 at about $47, my financial adviser said it was a mistake! i sold it when I knew that the financial crises would hit in 2007 at $180. I then saved the money and bought AAPL again in 2009 at $100 my financial adviser then said it was a mistake again! I now earn more then double in EPS then I initially paid for the stock! my advise get rid of those financial advisers! I’m now retired at the good old age of 47! even if AAPL ever hits $47 again, I will have never made a loss!……….

  4. None of these analysts have a clue. It’s all about pulling a number from their proverbial ass and praying it comes true.
    I predict the stock will go to $745.00. And you know what? One day, it probably will but who gives a shit.

  5. If the bar is too high for Apple it’s in the bloody clouds for everyone else!
    If Apple split their stock it would likely rocket up again, purely because so many analysts seem to be afraid of the big number!

  6. An analyst’s daily schedule: Monday, write article saying Apple stock will die: Tuesday, write article saying Apple stock will reach $5000: Wednesday, write article saying Apple will die etc. etc.

  7. WTF? AT&T, Verizon and Sprint sold together last Q 9,3 million iPhones. So it shows that demand for iPhones has been really, really good even though everybody has been waiting for the iPhone 5 to come. That is fantastic result for Apple! Then you add the rest of the world and the result will be grazy big! Then you take all the iPads and everything else. This will be extremely strong quarter.

  8. That’s just a ridiculous call. 200 million, although possible it’s hard. People are recruiting all and everything from Apple but not even then will they give it the proper valuation. Take Amazon which is a master in not making money. They less money they make and the more they spend the higher the valuation. Doing what amazon does must be the MOST CRAPPY BUSINESS. EVER to be in. Always hunting for that cent. Do something good for once and sell it at a premium margin…

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