Apple’s iPad mini will compete on price NEXT year

“Yesterday Apple released the iPad mini. It’s a 7.9″ screen – the same dimensions as the current iPad, but smaller,” James Furlo writes for Outside the Rat Race.

“However, the biggest complaint by observers has been that Apple messed up on price by making it too expensive and missed an opportunity to kill the competition,” Furlo writes. “Apple came out with the iPad mini at $329 for two reasons: They can cater to people who want a premium device in a handheld size [and] they gave themselves room to drop the price on existing models when new ones come out to cater for those looking for a cheap tablet.'”

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  1. Apple’s problem right now is they can’t make them fast enough. Dealers don’t make as much selling iPhones so they are aggressively downing the iPhone. They tried to tell me at an AT&T store that 6 in 10 iPhone 5s have been returned. Verizon said the iPhone 5 doesn’t connect we’ll to their 4g LTE very well and sometimes not at all. I love apple, but the competition is starting to more closely match features. Great that iPhone 5 won’t break on drop, but I dropped my 4s 1 time and it shattered the back. 40$ to replace. Apple needs to expand from the current phone strategy of just lowering price of last years model. They need to come up with a family of phones, like they did with iPod. They need at least 3 models for iPhone. They are now getting with the game on iPads, but they are making a lot of fans cool their enthusiasm. iOS is best, but I can see why android continues to make gains in market share.

  2. What a moron. Better, not cheaper. Room for a more avaiable Retina display, A5X or A6 processor, 8 mp camera, and same price. Apple is not interested in price war. Just look at Macs. They will maintain their margins. If they didnt the same dumbass analysts who are bitching now about price, would be biting about margins. If analysts’ advice was what Apple followed, there would be no Apple.

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