Apple’s iPhone 5 in short supply because it’s ‘the most difficult device that Foxconn has ever assembled’

“Still waiting for an iPhone 5? Apple’s own supplier offers a reason why,” Lance Whitney reports for CNET.

“An unnamed official with Hon Hai, aka Foxconn, told the Wall Street Journal that the design process of making the new phone light and thin is ‘very complicated,'” Whitney reports. “Calling the iPhone 5 ‘the most difficult device that Foxconn has ever assembled,’ the official said that factory employees are still learning how to build the phone.”

Whitney reports, “But he offered a note of optimism by saying that workers are getting better at assembling the phone. ‘Practice makes perfect,’ he told the Journal.”

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  1. The trick is…. to order the moment it goes on sale – don’t dawdle!!! My wife and I love ours. I laugh in the face of the Fandroiders out there denying themselves this great pleasure with their dropped cracked case happy, malware infested, poor app store pale substitutes. PLEASE Apple, don’t let this phone get any bigger! It’s frikking perfect.

      1. who do you think you are? why do you care no matter what I say? that’s why apple fanboy can’t just make right decision. someone like you already are trick by apple. you can’t see the reality. so sad.

  2. As people stop buying the other sub-standard iPhone want-to-be phones, Foxconn will have the resources freed up to make Apple’s iPhones.

    It is Ok. My birthday is in late December. I got time.

  3. I disagree with the headline. If it were the most difficult to assemble we would of seen more quality issues with the device. I have yet to hear about that. Anyone else know if there quality issues with the iP5?

    just my $0.02

    1. Not necessarily; it could be that there are so many failures being caught by QC that (a) they’re doing a 100% inspection (which hopefully was the case anyway), and (b) too many are failing that inspection and going back for rework.

  4. Why you cannot see thru this. Nothing more than shysters of WS manipulating stock price. Unnamed official. Not giving specific numbers like iPhone 4S we produced 5 million while the 5 it is just 1 million.

    As more media carried the story, the stock price went from 3 to negative. Notice too how WSJ did not carry the story as a premium meaning you needed to pay to read the story. No need since the boiler rooms have taken care of the green.

  5. Apple needs to hire more children. Their smaller hands and fingers are better suited to manipulation of iPhone components. Also, children eat less than an adult thus are cheaper to feed.

    1. Excellent analysis Mr. MacFreek.

      Apple’s not using child labor effectively, and is leaving profit on the table. Someone on Wall Street needs to raise this issue at the next shareholder’s meeting.

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