Decoding Apple’s October 23rd special media event invitation

“The invitations have been sent. The crowd is going wild. Twitter, the obvious place for an online tailgate, is abuzz with speculation and excitement. But what can we expect? We’ve dissected the invitation sent out by Apple to see if we can find out,” Nick Bilton and Brian X. Chen report for The New York Times.

“Apple’s choice of the word ‘little’ in the invitation practically screams smaller iPad,” Bilton and Chen report. “We’ve reported that the company is expected to announce a smaller, 7.85-inch iPad.”

Bilton and Chen report, “This is the first time in several years that Apple has held a media event at the California Theater in San Jose, Calif., which can seat 1,100 people, compared to San Francisco’s Yerba Buena Center for the Arts, the company’s usual site, which can seat 757 people. Making room for more journalists makes sense.”

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  1. Small, as in iPad mini, Mac Mini, 13 inch Macbook. These are all the smaller brothers of the others.

    I’m in ‘need of a new 27inch iMac, which is rumourd to come out after the smaller 21 incher. My Holy Trinity needs updating. The Creator, iMac (as I create content on it and it holds all my stuff), The Son, iPad, (giver of information, teacher), and the Holy Spirit, iPhone, always with me empowering my to do.

    1. That is a good one. I personally like the iPad Touch since it will be just a little bigger than the ipod touch, but no matter what they call it people will buy it around the world by the millions

  2. I think if it is an iPad Mini, the assumption of white and black versions will be wrong. The splashes of various colors on the invite hint at multiple colored devices – just like the iPod Touch and Nano.

  3. Apple should just hang it up. On the 26th Windows tablets are coming out, and with that the other 98 percent will now have something real to use with Slate. Everyone knows the iPod is dead and iPhone tired, and Windows 8 is set to end the short lived reign of Apple.

    1. Yes! and every supermodel in the world will want to sleep with that dreamboat, Steven “SexyBear” Balmer! Windows 8 will make Apple collapse like a house of cards! I’m so ashamed of my iPhone 5, i’m gonna put it in the drawer next to my Newton. Geeffrey69, you are sooo right! may I please wash your car?!

    2. Yeah! Screw apple and their high-quality devices and successful product line! iPhone sold millions on launch? Wow, it must be really tired. iPod is dead? My iPods working just fine, thank you. And finally, Windows 8 is a pitiful attempt at “reimagining” things. And they already stole the idea of reimagining from Apple.

  4. I noticed something when I “decoded” the invite –

    Aren’t the colors in the background the same colors of the new iPod nanos? Any chance they might offer the same colors on the iPad mini?

  5. “Apple’s choice of the word ‘little’ in the invitation practically screams smaller iPad,”

    No. Apple used the phrase “a little more”. In Jony’s native tongue (i.e. English English, a different language from American English) this is the equivalent of “one more thing”.

    If you believe this (no reason why you should – it’s just my opinion), then you might think that, based on SJ’s track record, there might be something new being announced.

    That would be nice.

    Doesn’t necessarily help me though, I just want a smaller, bigger, better mac mini (ie a little more than the one I have now).

    (Not going to mention a little more processor, a little more memory, a little more graphics, a little more (more little) connectivity, a little more colour choice, a little more hardware range. Now. Pick your device/product line to which that might apply).

    Now. A little more debate…?

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