24 ‘iPad mini’ SKUs reveal 12 models in black or white

“Apple next week is set to launch a new, smaller iPad that is expected to come in four different storage capacities and two color options,” Neil Hughes reports for AppleInsider.

“The full list of presumed ‘iPad mini’ product stock-keeping units, or SKUs, shows a total of 24 varieties,” Hughes reports. “Four different models will be offered — described as P101, P103, P105 and P107 — which one person familiar with the inventory said likely signifies four different storage capacities. The lineup could suggest that Apple plans to introduce an 8-gigabyte model that would serve as an entry-level model for the lower-priced 7.85-inch iPad. Currently, the full-sized iPad does not come with a storage capacity lower than 16 gigabytes.”

Hughes reports, “Each of the four different product descriptions also come with three different distinctions: ‘GOOD,’ ‘BETTER,’ and ‘BEST,’ which could signify Wi-Fi-only, 3G, and 4G LTE models, respectively. Each model is also available in ‘A’ and ‘B’ variants, which likely identify color options of black and white.”

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  1. Lends credibility to the $249 for 8 GB entry price, which will likely mean $329 or $349 for 16 GB. Next year this will allow them to sell the “old” 16 GB for $199 or even $149 for the 8 GB version, and not offer an 8 GB version for the then new iPad mini. All is well in margin land.

  2. “Apple next week is set to launch a new, smaller iPad”

    Did I miss Apple’s announcement of a big event next week? Because this is not the type of new device that Apple launches with a press release.

  3. Actually, they are offering only one product – an iPad mini – not 24. The way the story is presented is just wrong. It would be like saying every model of an IMac is different if it has a different size hard drive, a different amount of RAM, etc. Also, different colors are not different products, only variations on the same product.

  4. The 24 ipad minis are going to be broken into 4 models with 3 storage sizes, just like the regular ipad. The 4 models refer to wifi only, and then a model for each of the 3 major cellular carriers. Black and white models. There’s your 24 versions.

  5. 8gb for lower level classes up to 5th/6th grade. 16/32 gb for all other students up to 12th grade. 64gb for educators and higher ed students. This PROPOSED iPad mini release will be eaten up by the education industry AND (assuming the price will start lower than $400), parents shopping for young children ( who don’t particularly care about retina display). Consider the discounts for educators/students AND add discounts for large volume purchasing.

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