Microsoft airs first TV ad for Surface tablet (with video)

Microsoft on Monday kicked off a $1 billion advertising campaign for Windows 8/RT featuring its Surface tablet on ESPN’s Monday Night Football.

“With the first Surface spot, Microsoft focused on the “clicking” noise made when a user attaches the tablet’s magnetic keyboard-cum-cover, as well as the soft snapping sound heard when the unit’s kickstand is opened and closed,” Mikey Campbell reports for AppleInsider. “Taking more than a little inspiration from successful iPod commercials, the ad features a troupe of dancers who manipulate the device to create a drum break-like beat that slowly builds to a crescendo of feverish clicking and snapping.”

Campbell reports, “Not much is shown off in the way of device specs, or even the ARM-based Windows RT version of Microsoft’s new operating system powering the Surface.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Zunetastic!

90% of iPad user we talk to use their iPads most while reclined in a chair or on a sofa. Microsoft should have asked iPad users where they use their iPads most and they wouldn’t have wasted time on that kickstand. Microsoft named the thing “Surface,” because you need a large flat surface upon which to set up your superfluous keyboard and use your dumbass kickstand.

The whole thing — the dorks-trying-way-too-hard TV spot, the kickstand and its click, the unnecessary rubber keyboard, the “VaporMg” paint job, Windows 8/RT, Microsoft and, of course, their CEO — are all just woefully off target and painfully stupid.

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  1. Of course we here on MDN are mainly post-Microsoft-aware Mac users, so we see through the Microsoft marketing chaff and usually find no wheat.

    But I try to watch these ads through the eyes of the general public who knows only Windows.

    My impression:
    The very first thing I see is a laptop in separate pieces.
    I’m seeing an ad for a cheap-looking laptop that requires assembly.
    I think,
    “I’m going to carry around a lptop, in separate pieces. I guess these pieces will rattle around in my backpack, maybe rubbing and banging against each other, getting damaged.
    And then anytime I want to use my new Microsoft laptop, I am expected to pull the various parts out of my bag, find a desk or table on which to assemble them, and then use my cheap, plastic laptop the way I used to use my old laptop which did not require assembly.

  2. actually a very cool Apple-like ad.
    Not that I am a fan of MS – I am not and have no interest in any lame late-to-the-party tablet from them.
    But, you have to admit it is a cool ad that will get a lot of positive attention. It is a page right out of Apple’s playbook.

  3. I can only imagine the mess Ballmer made when he ran round the room screaming and screaming in ecstasy after he had watched this advert.

    Here in the UK back in the ’70’s we had a TV campaign for people to wear their car seat belts. It was called “Clunk, Click every trip” and it was fronted by Jimmy Savile.

    Do a search on Jimmy Savile and you may realise why Microsoft may want to avoid a “Click” campaign…

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