Boxy makes it easy to get a Genius house call

“Thereʼs been a lot of buzz the past few weeks about, a new service that offers free tech support for anything Apple- related, so we took a look,” Robert Brown reports for Geeks Union. “As soon as it loads, Boxy makes it easy for someone to state whatʼs wrong with their iThing-you simply type it into the big blue box in the middle of the screen. The siteʼs zen-like minimalism isnʼt just for show-there isnʼt anything else to click, making the process very simple, since you canʼt accidentally travel anywhere else on the site.”

“To receive Apple technical support in the past, you were forced to go to either an Apple store or an Apple authorized support tech, or the Geek Squad if youʼre crazy,” Brown reports. “All of these situations, however, require you to make a trip to them-Boxy contacts you and assists you over the air.”

Brown reports, “Is it really free? Yes-for now. Ethan [one of Boxyʼs cofounders] tells me they are working on figuring out ways to monetize Boxy without taking away from their core of providing free tech support. This may involve charges for certain lengths of time or the kind of contact-paying for support over ten minutes, say, or for Facetime calls-but right now the service is completely free.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Shawn” for the heads up.]


  1. Wow – the first Apple tech support where you didn’t have to go to them, eh?

    And all this time – since 1984, in fact – I’ve been under the impression that I, and other 2000+ members of the Apple Consultants Network, have been going to people’s homes, offices and other remote sites to provide service. It’s amazing how wrong one can be.

  2. I use to work with Ethan at an Apple retail store. This guy is effin smart. We use to talk about this idea in our breakroom all the time. Trust in good support from Boxy. Glad to see he’s making it happen.

    1. How smart is he if he can’t even come up with a business plan. A bright idea is one thing, making money from it is another.

      Sorry for being negative, but it’s the truth. To try to change things after the fact takes away from what attracted people to it in the first place.

      1. Currently, our tool is free during BETA so we can work some of the kinks and refine a few things before we move into a feemium model.

        We’ve got a lot of extended benefits reserved for premium/paid users and businesses once we exit BETA. As far as who provides the support , it’s a handful of us (ex-Apple Employees, certified nerds, etc) who man the responses. Once we understand the demand for our product, we’ll expand accordingly.

        Also, The business side of boxy exists to help you use the Mac, iPhone, and iPad to improve the way your business runs so you will never have to waste time searching for an answer. We’ll remedy any questions related to any Apple products, train your employees to get the most out of Apple products, and make sure you have the right answer to all of your Apple related needs. We have answers and you have questions, so ask any one of our qualified experts about all things Apple.

  3. Thank you so much. It’s very cool to see the word about boxy getting around and giving us a chance to change and revolutionize the way customer support is done. Thank you again!

  4. @chefpastry – the hard drive in your mac pro is a customer installable part so you don’t have to haul your mac pro into an apple store. just call apple phone support and they will mail you the part. but you’re right about repairing things that are not customer replaceable. my back has never been the same after hauling around emacs and mac pros!

  5. Remember: That’s “Boxy”, with one “x” and one “y”.

    Not to be confused with “Boxee” the internet video player, or “Boxxy”, the former YouTube sensation.


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