Why the next 3 months will be huge for Apple

“The rest of 2012 is poised to be huge for Apple and it’s all due to one product: the iPhone 5,” Chris Ciaccia writes for TheStreet.

“The iPad Mini may be a hit product for the holiday season, but Credit Suisse analyst Kulbinder Garcha said he believes the iPhone 5 is what will really drive earnings in the all-important holiday quarter,” Ciaccia writes. “‘With strong iPhone 5 shipments we expect upside to our GM [gross margin] estimates of 40.2%,’ Garcha wrote in a note. He rated Apple shares outperform with a $750 price target, and expects Apple to earn $44.43 a share in fiscal 2012, and $56.44 in fiscal year 2013.'”

Ciaccia writes, “Even though the iPhone is the material driver of revenue for Apple, the iPad is becoming increasingly important, especially as it cannibalizes Mac sales to some extent. Garcha believes Apple will sell 16 million iPads in the fourth quarter, and as many as 21.2 million in the first quarter of fiscal 2013, with the iPad Mini accounting for as many as 10 million units.”

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  1. So then, don’t fire Tim Cook? I thought Maps and the purple halo of bright light sources were a “disaster” that led to missing analysts estimates so he should be fired.

    What’s that? The analysts’ estimates are always wrong? And every point and shoot digital camera has the purple halo? Apple stock going up?!?!

  2. Apple propaganda aside, why do the reports always show the GS3 selling like hot cakes? I think that Samsung is without a doubt knocking out of the park with the GS3 and the new Note just looks like another winner.

    Android rules on every content and clearly Samsung is leading the way.

  3. Why is the next 3 months huge for Apple? I could have written the story in one word . . .


    Apple always has 2 to 4 hot products going for it, especially for the holiday shopping season. Apple isn’t dumb.

  4. $750 price target this year? funny. stock will even fall down more. look at it now. how bad apple stock does. for two weeks, it fell 10%. there is no sign that apple will gain it again. I think that bottom line will be $560 this year. of course, apple will lose tons of market value. but it all turned out ‘bubble’.

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