Why Apple wants to shrink the iPad

“Experts say there’s good reason why the late Steve Jobs warmed to the idea of a (slightly) smaller tablet,” Quentin Fottrell writes for MarketWatch.

“It’s been a year since Steve Jobs died, but one of his last legacies — the iPad mini — is reportedly working its way through development, and Apple watchers say it could be another game changer,” Fottrell writes. “The late Apple CEO at one time hated the idea of a shrunken-down version of the tablet. But Jobs reportedly warmed to the idea he once scoffed was “dead on arrival” — and Asian suppliers for Apple have started mass production of a new tablet smaller than the current iPad, according to a report this month in The Wall Street Journal. In fact, some analysts say a mini-iPad could eventually outsell the original iPad. ‘We expect Apple to maintain the iconic aesthetics of the current iPad and blow away what competitors are offering in this smaller form-factor tablet market,’ says Brian White, an analyst with Topeka Capital Markets.”

Fottrell writes, “Why all the love for less iPad? Some experts believe that the new tablet, which will reportedly have a 7.85-inch liquid crystal display (compared with 9.7 inches for the iPad3) will be superior in many ways to the current 7-inch tablets on the market.”

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  1. …BIGGER

    Can I have a bigger iPad?

    Perhaps the size of a newspaper, like the New York Times – Rupert Murdoch

    Maybe the size of a table? – Steve Ballmer

  2. If they do come out with a “mini iPad” I hope they call it the iBook, because it’s dimensions will be the closest to a paperback novel.

    Plus, every new product start with “p” is starting to get boring.

  3. Current iPad is te best size for me. I don’t see how you can do any word processing, spreadsheets, presentations, or reading magazines on smaller screens. I’ve seen the smaller offerings it doesn’t seem functional enough. I guess you guys will be happy. I hope they maintain the larger model for mobile computing and leave the gaming and e-readers happy with a mini. I think it’s silly and other companies will beat apple on price and gays where it matters.

    1. I wouldn’t worry about the full-sized iPad being discontinued. Not sure what your last sentence means. I presume it’s some sort of Siri-induced typo!

  4. Smaller for kids use and rock solid for the same reason. I bet they made an iPad we will feel safe letting the kids play with, and drop etc..
    How many of us get nervous handing our iPad to a small child to play with ? I do (on the rare occasion it happens)

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