Apple’s iPad mini facing low yield rates for chassis, say sources

“Along with the latest market rumors indicating that Apple is likely to unveil the much speculated iPad mini on October 17, sources in Apple’s supply chain in Taiwan are also indicating that shipments of the iPad mini tablets are not smooth at the moment due to low yield rates at chassis makers,” Aaron Lee, Ninelu Tu, and Steve Shen report for DigiTimes.

“The iPad mini reportedly will come in native- and black-colored aluminum chassis, which are more vulnerable to scratching, said the sources, adding that the anodized finish process on the black cases is more critical, which often results in lower yield rates,” Lee, Tu, and Shen report. “Foxconn, the sole maker for the previous iPad lineup, reportedly has landed over 50% of the first wave of iPad mini orders, while Pegatron will handle the rest of the orders, revealed the sources.”

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


      1. According to the article the black anodizing was the culprit. Apple is notoriously picky about the finish. iPad (large) only comes with sliver back (that has been clear anodized).

  1. Yea, yea, yea.

    We hear that something is impeding delivery every time something new ships – especially from DigiTimes.

    Start-up problems are part of the product lifecycle, but Apple seems to address them quickly with their suppliers.

    And aluminum scratches, oh my.

  2. This could be purely related to the black anodised version. A company will always check a previous incarnation ie the iPhone and analyse if lessons can be learnt before committing to full production. Clearly scratches on an iPad would superficially look rather worse in appearance over time than a much smaller iPhone to the eye. And the last thing they need is another FUD campaign.

  3. Guys I thought the chipped and dented phones out of the box was hyperbole. Until I got one. I think I know what’s happening.

    Low yield on the anodization. I inspected my unit closely and noticed discoloration in the black around the seams on the sides of the device. It looked just like the photo of the 5 The Verge posted. Faded brownish color.

    The dents I can’t explain so well but the discoloration looks like the unit didn’t get the right heat and paint treatment = low yield.

    The fact these made it to store shelves is very concerning. They need to fix the anodization and QA asap. I’m just waiting to see return rates.

  4. Damn how can apple get it so wrong
    First they have not confirmed the rumor of an iPad mini yet.
    Second they haven’t decided whether to use a standard or widescreen format on thier rumored product.
    Third they now have production issues on a product that is still rumored, hasn’t been announced and is not yet released.

    Apple really need to step up. The rumor mill is way ahead of schedule and apple can’t keep up. This is sure sign that apple are doomed.

  5. NO ONE knows what Apple has in store – it’s ALL self serving speculation.

    Apple hasn’t even announced an iPad mini but the dumb pundits already know the manufacturing costs and supply details- yeah right…!

    Even when iPhone 5 breaks world records with unheardof retail sale for 3 days ( 5 million) they still don’t understand the figures, so how the hell can they even begin to understand the figures or yeilds behind an unannouced product and unknown production locations???


  6. Revoutionary forces from the anti-government sandboxes today destroyed all traces the non-existent iPad mini. digitizes reported that these revolutionaries aremed with the Samsung KopiKaT® MINI Pad destroyed an entire production run of a fictitious product with a knock off product created before the actual nonexistent product was set not to ship.

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