Pew poll claims Android owns 48 percent of U.S. tablet market

“Apple’s dominance of the tablet market may be on the wan, as Android-based tablets are said to make up nearly half the market,” Electronista reports.

“This according to a Pew poll out recently showing that, among US tablet owners, 48 percent own a tablet running some version of Google’s Android operating system,” Electronista reports. “Between July 16 and August 7 of this year, the Pew Research Center’s Project for Excellence in Journalism asked 1,096 US adults about their tablets. Among tablet owners, 52 percent said they owned an Apple iPad. Twenty-one percent of respondents said they owned a Kindle Fire from Amazon. The rest of Android’s 48 percent share was made up of an assortment of other manufacturers, with Samsung’s Galaxy Tab the next largest contender at eight percent.”

Electronista reports, “The survey was conducted before the introduction of Google’s Nexus 7 or Amazon’s new Kindle Fire HD, both of which have reportedly been seeing brisk sales. The numbers from this newest poll show a considerable reversal from last year, which found Apple with an 81 percent share of the tablet market, compared to 15 percent for Android and four percent for other manufacturers.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Pew poll, indeed.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Joe Architect” for the heads up.]


  1. Don’t deceive yourselves into believing that Android tablets aren’t selling – they are! And they’re getting much better. As with phones, they will overtake the iPad very soon in volume. The iPad mini will slow the trend, but the trend will continue due to the low price point of Android tablets.

    But don’t confuse volume with quality. iPad is clearly winning here.

    1. Yes, they are selling. In Canada there are 3 cable TV networks that are giving away Android Tablets and Blackberry Tablets for a 2 year sign-up.

      Then you have Amazon selling Kindles for less than cost.

      How long will they lose money on this crap before they give up?

  2. 98% of tablet web traffic can’t be wrong.

    We know the PEW poll is flawed because of empirical sales data that includes Android Channel Stuffing. Anecdotally I’d say it’s about 20 to 1 iPad to Android

  3. > 1,096 US adults about their tablets. Among tablet owners…

    It’s not even 1,000 people surveyed, because they asked “1096” (supposedly random) adults. Most “US adults” probably do not own a tablet computer at this point, so the number of people surveyed who actually owned a tablet computer is probably well under 200, maybe even less than 100.

    And if it was not a random sampling of 1096 adults (it targeted people who already own tablets), then the survey’s methodology is biased, based on whatever the “Pew” wanted to find as the outcome.

  4. Okay, Pew, I believe you where a thousand others wouldn’t. For example:
    “A study released on Thursday claims the iPad accounts for nearly of all web traffic originating from tablets, and 54.5 percent of all traffic from mobile devices, to sites running the touch-centric Onswipe platform…Apple’s tablet represented 98.1 percent of 29.5 million unique impressions over 1200 sites from Sept. 13 to Sept. 20.”

  5. But who is using them?? most of the web traffic generated from tablets are from ios devices!!! Cant understand why people would buy an android tablet if they dont use them.

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