Tim Cook’s unapologetic Maps apology is oddly familiar

“Nine times out of 10, when a company makes an error, the polite and politically correct thing to do is to make an apology, correct the mistake, then move on,” James Brumley writes for InvestorPlace. “I thought that might be the appropriate action for Apple to take, too, following the Apple Maps debacle that has frustrated far too many users of iOS 6 devices, (which most notably includes the new iPhone 5). After actually reading Tim Cook’s letter of apology, though, I’ve officially changed my mind.”

“Maybe sometimes the best thing a company can do when it makes a mistake is to say nothing,” Brumley writes. “The letter came across a little smarmy.”

Brumley writes, “Frankly, the whole apology would have seemed a lot more sincere had Cook also not peppered the letter with reasons suggesting he doesn’t actually owe anyone an apology. It’s kind of like Steve Jobs telling iPhone 4 users ‘Don’t hold it that way’ when they figured out its antenna didn’t work very well in certain positions.”

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  1. When Cook issued that apology on Friday, I thought “Fuck, now the story is going to go on for another whole week.” If he had just said nothing, people would be over it and harping on something else by now. Making the apology made the story much bigger than it originally was.

    1. Yeah, Cook should have just ‘doubled down’ on the other Apple exec’s statement. That was (more or less); ” We own this one, it’s no one’s problem but ours (Apple’s).” And left it at that, the apology was unnecessary and lame.

      But I’ll leave it with… Go Apple!

  2. Move on, this is just another antennagate – no big fucking deal.

    Stick it out leki we always did and use Apple maps exclusively for a while – help it learn and tweak itself into what it will become when everyone will rave about how Apple transformed GM into a greater reinvented one. It’s only a damn app for fuck’s sake, A Smart App…

  3. Whinegate II

    Steve Jobs would have done what Tim did, he did when he flew back from A Hawaaian vacation for Whinegate I.

    Apple is expanding on all fronts and firing on all 8 cylinders. Shit happens , this has no bearing or effect on it’s standing.

    1. Stay tuned Mr. Breeze it’s about to get real windy at Apple Inc. Heck Google now trading North of $100.00 more than Apple.

      Apple’s sense on entitlement is about to hurt them big time!

      1. As an aapl investor, I always feel more secure when google price is higher. Seems like a buying opportunity. And time to sell google. But it’s only psychological.

  4. I suppose Google is banned from updating their maps and data in China, the biggest mobile phone market in the world. Today I visited 3 places, on all of them Google maps were totally wrong, not useful at all. Then I went back to my photos and looked with their location data, found fields where there were now business park, empty lots were there used to be business parks, lot of missing roads either way, and the map and sat were both wrong.

    But, the directions data is missing for bus and walking, which makes the Apple maps sometimes useless. There also should be a layer for users to share their data.

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