Nokia licenses mapping services to Oracle

“Nokia Oyj has agreed to give Oracle Corp’s customers access to its mapping products, as the mobile phone company seeks to expand its location services business,” Tarmo Virki reports for Reuters.

“The Finnish company, which bought the world’s largest digital mapping firm, Navteq, in 2008, has been looking for ways to boost the business and recently signed mapping deals with Groupon Inc and Amazon.Com Inc.,” Virki reports. “Oracle has developed a link between its own software and the Nokia Location Platform software, Nokia said on Monday. This enables the U.S. company’s business users to access the mapping services through its products.”

Virki reports, “Financial details of the deal were not disclosed, but Nokia said Oracle users would licence Location Platform from Nokia for use in Oracle applications… Last week Apple publicly apologised after customer complaints about errors in its maps, which have been put on its latest phone operating system instead of Google Inc’s mapping service.”

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  1. Flash – Nokia has not apologized to its customers and shareholders for loosing its leadership role by being asleep at the wheel, laying off employees, causing a brain drain from their top employees, selling their sole to Microsoft, and putting out junk for all those years.

  2. Maybe of topic but were not doing service by voicing our concern with the iHaters army.

    Each and everyone of MDN readers should go forth and fight the good battle against the evil iHaters Empire trolling every website news outlet!!!

      1. Funny you should say that, Gupta. I’m driving to stay with friends, about 130 miles, and I usually use CoPilot for distance stuff; I don’t need satnav locally. Anyway, I went to get their postcode for the destination, and tapping on my contacts immediately opened Apple’s Maps, dropping a pin right outside their farmhouse. ‘Cool’, I thought, I wonder how Google Maps will do? It didn’t. No amount of trying could make it even search for anywhere near, the nearest village is several miles away.
        That’s a massive fucking fail right there for Google.
        And did you know that the ability to correct errors on Apple Maps is built in? You can notify errors, move marker pins and add businesses and such, correct routes, all within the app?
        Proper crowd-sourcing, which I don’t see in Google Maps.
        There is only one feature that Google has that’s really useful; Street View, and I hardly ever use it.
        Now, kindly, Shut. The. Fuck. Up.
        Thank you.

    1. I agree with your sentiment, but after reflecting, I realize that nobody actually gets their mind changed. They’ve already taken sides, and their egos will not allow them to listen to reason or even acknowledge the basic humanity of their opponents.

      Thus, the idiots will remain idiots, retreating into their mental squalor when bested, emerging anew at any hint of weakness as befits the jackals, hyenas, weasels, and dung beetles of the wild.

        1. @ kingmel
          On this website, MDN (Mad Dogs News) should talk about only apple’s crap maps and it’s other products/services. But MDN always posts negative news about other companies and makes dirty comments.

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