Glitch gives some iCloud accounts 25GB storage until 2050

“An apparent glitch in the iCloud account system has resulted in some accounts showing extended storage space with renewal dates years in the future,” Topher Kessler reports for CNET.

“Apple offered existing MobileMe customers a temporary extra 20GB of storage [over iCloud’s 5GB base level] to accommodate user data during the transition to the new service. Apple originally offered this extra storage for a month, but increased this timeframe to September 30 and has been notifying users of this upcoming change,” Kessler reports.

Kessler reports, “On September 30, Apple did make a change to users’ iCloud accounts; however, to users’ surprise, instead of a lowered storage level, their iCloud accounts kept the same 25GB of space and furthermore showed the expiration for the storage had been pushed back to 2050.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: More glitches like this, please!

(Alas, our iCloud accounts only say “20GB – $40.00 /year” with an option for “50GB $100.00 – year).”

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Fred Mertz” for the heads up.]


    1. The weird thing is:

      The storage on the iCloud settings on the Mac says 25GB and xx/25GB

      The details say I am on a 20GB plant (€ 32) and I will default to the 5GB when my complimentary extra is finished after 30-09-2050.

            1. Can you imagine if MSFT made all these blunders what the comments on here would be! WOW, Apple needs to get their ducks in order and fast.

              Mistake after mistake over the last 6 months is not good for the brand and image.

              Come on now Apple Get her done right the first time!

            2. Um, Apple has always made lots of mistakes and they often last until a complete new OS X. But the user experience is still way better than the competitions and the hardware designs are timeless. My account also shows 25Gb until 30/09/50.

  1. I do wish the Tech Press would just shut up about certain things:
    -for the lucky few who have (had) this – they’re probably now screwed as it wont be around for long any more.
    -for the rest, it isn’t news, as it doesn’t apply.

    Learn not to look a gift horse in the mouth perhaps?

  2. They need to up the base line storage. 5GB for free is way too small now, Google gave away half that much almost 10 years ago. Apple should give away 20GB minimum for free. They use this to sell iPhones and iPods and iPads, they need to make the space available not limit how many devices people are willing to buy and use.

  3. Will Cook be a dumbass yet again and apologize for that?

    He has apologized so far for

    1. Siri
    2. Ping
    3. Maps
    4. Not enough iPhone 5 on hand
    5. Maybe this?
    6. Lets hear an apology for supporting that assdumb fuckup Hussein.

  4. Same here – not that I feel I don’t deserve it as I’ve paid through the nose for storage over the years since iTools was FREE and then .Mac to Mobile Me, and notwithstanding 5 gigs is waaaaay too small for most normal folks (20 gigs is closer to the norm, IMHO).

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