The U.S.A.’s most inspiring company: Apple Inc.

“We’ve known for a while that consumers are infatuated with Apple and its products. That was confirmed Monday when the company announced that it sold more than 5 million units of its new iPhone 5 since the product launched three days earlier,” Jacquelyn Smith reports for Forbes. “And on Tuesday a Georgia-based brand consulting firm dubbed the technology giant America’s most inspiring company.”

“Performance Inspired, Inc., an Atlanta consulting and training firm that helps organizations elevate performance through the science of inspiration, surveyed 2,175 consumers to identify America’s 25 most inspiring companies,” Smith reports. “Conducted online, the survey asked respondents which five companies they find most inspirational, and why. It also asked them to describe their most recent encounter with each company.”

Smith reports, “For the second consecutive year, Apple is at the top of the heap.”

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    1. Not even close to making sense! There are great American private companies who are worth trillions who are far more inspiring. Apple is without a doubt a nice story but 1976 to 2007 were very thin years to say the least hence the current run that they are on is of course pretty cool but so too is the run Google is on. Heck Google even changed the way we talk.

      1. Apple has had a long stretch of thin times, but they have always introduced ideas that brought excitement to the world. Unfortunately other companies through cut-throat practices have done a better job at getting this Apple-inspired revolution to the people. These other companies may make lots of money, but they’re one-trick ponies or are just ways of eroding worker and human rights, not a future that I care to dream about.

  1. The list:

    1. Apple
    2. Wal-Mart
    3. Target
    4. Google
    5. Microsoft
    6. Amazon
    7. Chick-fil-A
    8. Starbucks
    9. McDonald’s

    I call BS on this “inspiring” report. That, or the American public is even dumber than we feared.

  2. Google appears to be turning Apple into chopped liver at the moment. I’m surprised that Google is even able to do that. Apple has lots of resources at hand to put a hurt to Google but it’s not happening. Wall Street is still favoring Google to take Apple down for whatever reasons. It makes little sense to me why Google is a better investment than Apple where investors are more than willing to pay close to $80 more a share for Google when both companies have similar target prices. Apple can’t even seem to hold $700 a share which is pretty pathetic for shareholders.

    1. You do realize Apple and Google are in different business don’t you? Look up computer makers–no Google, phone makers, no Google.
      You could say Google is crushing Enron. Makes as much sense. Just because Apple and Google overlap a bit they make their money entirely different ways. I have stock in both, hope they both continue to do well.
      You seem to have a sports view, but these are corporations in business.

    2. Google appears to be turning Apple into chopped liver at the moment.

      Appears to whom? What I see is:
      1) Apple getting emotional about Google’s long term blatant evil and parasitism to the point where they didn’t pay attention to the inevitable Version 1.0 Syndrome of their Apple Maps app replacement of Google Maps. That was stupid, they know it, they apologized, they have a cleanup job ahead.

      2) Google responding to being caught red-handed and watching their hardware partners get burned alive in court but acts of UTTER DESPERATION. They’re running scared, pulling blundering moves like baby boohoo WHINING, Samsung style, about plagiarism being innovative. Yeah, that makes sense. They’re also so desperate that they’ve kicked a fake “iPad competitor” tablet into the market that actually COSTS them money to sell. It’s called “Buying Market Share”. Like that makes sense.

      For those who have meagre comprehension of the stock market and how it works, no “Apple can’t even seem to hold $700 a share” because Apple DOES NOT OWN the traded shares of stock, do they! This is human behavior at work, not Apple behavior. It is 100% human perception and reaction. Mix in the fact that Apple’s stock value has been blatantly and admittedly manipulated for years in order to screw sucker DayTraderTards (and yes that includes HedgeFundTards). Apple holds NOTHING here except their own creations and actions, which are obviously the BEST in the business, bar none.

      So please THINK before posting stupid thoughts about other people’s stupid actions.

      1. You clearly know a little about equities. But sad to say, very little. Please stop to consider that many of us have experience in the market and your postings show your lack of same. It’s embarrassing to read your rants. I’m not calling you a stupid fucking loudmouth but we would really appreciate you sticking to subjects that you are familiar with. Whatever that might be.

        1. Yes, bringing out the raging troll in you has been so easily accomplished. You rant back as expected. Needless to say, I won’t be consulting you about the stock market or advising anyone else to do the same. You might want to reconsider your investments if you really are this emotional about where you put your finances. You’re welcome!

  3. The U.S.A.’s most inspiring company

    The U.S.A.’s most INSPIRED company.

    All the rest of you, get busy doing things BETTER. Modern self-destructive biznizz practices, the ones that killed our economy, are NOT the way to go. Hopefully you’ve noticed. Go status quo and you go in the dumpster. 😕

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