Analyst: iPhone 5 sold out in 16 of 20 checked stores; only 4 stores in smaller cities had units available

Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster says that iPhone 5 demand remains high.

“In a survey of 20 stores, only 4 had iPhone 5s in stock, and they were all Sprint phones for sale in smaller U.S. cities,” Philip Elmer-DeWitt reports for Fortune. “Munster writes: ‘We continue to believe that by December, supply and demand for the phone should be close to equilibrium. Second, if supply issues do constrain December, we do not believe consumers will ‘give up’ on the iPhone in favor of another phone. Third, consumer sentiment on the iPhone remains high despite reported issues with Apple Maps, which we believe suggests that the Maps product is not causing a user backlash.'”

Read more in the full article here.


      1. You obviously interpreted what I said in-correctly. Instead of just assuming you should have just asked. PS: With your kind of assumption I don’t think you would ever, ever be a good analysis yourself. ;p

      1. I like to read with my headphones on. When it sticks out from the top it doesn’t get on the way of you holding the phone. Also the charger and headphone jack are at opposite ends so the cables don’t get tangled.

        It’s also more aesthetically pleasing for the jack to be on top as the holes at the bottom are symmetrical.

    1. Some brain-inspired designers invaded the lab and fixed that idiotic top-mounted headphone jack. Now the whole thing slips correctly into my Dockers shorts that have an iPhone pocket on the side. And in my car there isn’t this silly cable coming out the top and dangling across the display.

      See? Each of us have our perspective and they are equally valid.

    2. I find it better at the bottom as I always put it in my pocket top down and that always breaks the headphone wire over time – now it can stick straight out of my pocked – perfectly.. Bottom always stays out of the way when holding as well less chance of someone catching the headphone cord and ripping the phone out of your hand in a crowd as well

  1. The maps thing is so overblown by the media. My mom got her iPhone 5 and asked me about the maps. She’d heard their were “problems” on a mainstream TV news shows (she does not read any tech publication). I told her to try the maps — she did and is raving about them. She couldn’t figure out why people were complaining!

    I’d say her average consumer experience is the norm. 99.99% of users are fine with the new maps.

  2. this guy gene is a very short sighted analyst even though he is an Apple bull, he only sees it on US demands, the iPhone is worldwide and somehow when supply is tight here, Apple has to supply other countries too, then suddenly he’d be crying there’s a problem with Apple. dumb anal yst

  3. “In a survey of 20 stores, only 4 had iPhone 5s in stock, and they were all Sprint phones for sale in smaller U.S. cities…”

    over one week later: that is unacceptable. Do not introduce and release a product if you cannot deliver the goods in a timely fashion. Another Tim Cook fuck-up.

      1. Well, all I know from purchasing Apple products for 35+ years under Jobs’s reign, this kinda shit didn’t happen and he sure didn’t do any kiss-ass apologies when products or services were crap. Tim Cook has been a mistake from Day One

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