Apple looks to make next-gen MacBook Air, MacBook Pro even thinner

“Apple will reduce the thickness of light guide plates for the illuminated keyboards in its MacBook Air and MacBook Pro models from 0.4mm currently to 0.25mm in 2013, according to sources in Apple’s supply chain,” Jack Purcher reports for Patently Apple.

“Apple currently sources light guide plates mainly from Japan-based NJK and Taiwan-based Global Lighting Technologies, with the former using an injection process and the latter a extrusion process, the sources noted,” Purcher reports.

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        1. I’m pretty sure my MacBook Pro scratches just as easily. Unless there is a difference in the type of Aluminum being used? Of course on a !acNook Pro the scratches reveal the same color as the surface so they aren’t as noticeable.

  1. I love this “Obvious news” and in further updates

    1) Sources confirm Apple working on upgrade to iPhone 5 may be called iPhone 5S or iPhone6
    2) Apple said to be working up update to maps application.
    3) Apple now worth 37 times Dell’s market share

    Why do I even check – I know what the “news” will be ><

  2. Apple y’all should make the MacBook pro air with a DVD drive then u well get more people buying it and keep it at this price $500 dollars and I will buy it my mom said she going to get me a MacBook pro or air but it is like $1200 my mom not going to pay that price so can u put the new one to $500 dollars please

    1. 1) As soon as you add a DVD drive, the computer gets much thicker. i.e. not an “Air”. Adding a DVD drive also will not somehow reduce the price by $700

      2) DVDs are not really needed anymore. For almost anything a DVD drive would be used for, there is a better alternative. Flash drives for quick storage or backup, downloads for music, movies and software. Some pros with a lot of legacy DVD need might use the DVD drive more than once a month, but you probably won’t.

      3) If you or your mom isn’t going to spend more than $500, you aren’t going to get a portable Mac. Not a new one, anyway.

      4) You do know this isn’t a customer request line for Apple, right?

  3. The models released this year will be followed by a new series of vacuum formed models that produces no airspace. The computer thickness will be based on the thickness of the boards or batteries.

  4. ok…really…what’s the point of thinner. at a certain point it becomes diminishing returns..and a Saturday Night Live skit.

    me thinks the mighty Apphole is obsessing over design and style instead of functionality and fashion.

    If it gets any thinner it’ll be an iPad. and the snake will have begun to eat its tail…or for you hick nerds..the nascar will lap itself..actually that might be pretty cool to see

    1. “me thinks the mighty Apphole is obsessing over design and style instead of functionality and fashion.”
      If you weren’t such an asshole, you’d know Apple have ALWAYS obsessed over design, style AND function, but never fashion. Only the likes of Samsung worry about fashion, but you wouldn’t know dick about that, would you?

  5. Who cares about thinner laptops. Can there be a 17″? With a brighter retina screen? current screen is 20% less bright. Totally noticable. That was probably to extend bat life. Thus thinner. Get me longer battery life. Bigger screen. I want to be mobile without a torturous iPad keyboard. Typing with thumbs is silly.

  6. well, they can do it. but I am afraid of being torn apart like paper. hurt! making thinner is not important anymore because most devices are relatively thin nowadays. making it stronger, and solid for damage. I heard that apple thinks about carbon fiber for material. who knows?

  7. iAnorexia. The thinner these devices get the less user serviceable they likely will become. The innards will be glued and soldered to the point that upgrading will require repurchasing.

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