Woz in Brisbane, Australia with his iPhone 5 (with video)

Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak was a surprise customer in Brisbane to be among the first in the world to snap up an iPhone 5.

If embedded video does not work for you, try the direct link to the video here.

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “Dan K.” for the heads up.]

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    1. Apple should GIVE Woz his new product prior to Launch day – less chance of him getting out to say something stupid..
      Just kidding.. Love Woz… a very sweet guy..
      But Apple would not be Apple without the other Steve.. ’nuff said…

  2. Woz: “I just wish Apple gave these iPhone 5’s out to everybody for free. I wish Steve had gone with my idea to give away the Apple I. My life would be so much different. Making money has made me fat and lazy. I haven’t worked since 1979. I blame it all on Steve for making my Apple stock worth so much money. Since retiring, the idle time has given me too much time to spew nonsense about the merits of Android.”

    1. *He went back to school and got his degree.
      *He worked with his local school helping tech kids.
      *He’s been married with a family.
      *He helped develop or advised on the universal remote control, the Danger Hiptop, RFID chips and other stuff.
      *He has generously appeared ay MUGs all over the place- even during the dark days when Apple was struggling and largely ignored.

      BTW- without Woz’s product Jobs would have had nothing to sell.

      Get a life.

        1. Are you kidding?

          Woz love’s Apple.

          Haven’t you ever heard of tough love? Come on. Sure he sticks his foot in his mouth. But we still, and always love that big lug. He’s our teddy bear and mascot.

          Seriously, he cried for Jobs, he cares, he’s just not corporate.

          Kinda the black sheep of the family. The dirty old grandpa. That crazy uncle you like to see, but want to turn off occasionally.

          Give him a break.

    1. Same with the BBC here in the UK. They get a so-called technology correspondent on, who knows far less about Apple than you or I do, and he sensationalises every little thing to try and create a negative story out of nothing. It’s comical that these amateurs get paid to do a job they clearly can’t do. About the only time they ever broadcast any sense about Apple is when they ask Stephen Fry for a comment!

    2. Yes and disingenuously neglects and fails to mention how important the ecosystem is to people and how superior Apple is in that regard. Love the attention to Maps like no program can ever be improved and your stuck with it. Wrong!

  3. Looks like Woz did join a reenactment of the Battle of Brisbane. Gosh hearing Woz say “I wanted to beat the Americans and I beat them.” must be pure Vegemite for all of Anustralia.

    The video also offers some great confirmation of what was posted to me a few days ago on MDN: “We’ll just sit down here on our ore and our uranium and enjoy the quality of life, the sun, the surf and the gorgeous women.”

    Check out the video at around 40 seconds for some examples of the “gorgeous women” that he was talking about.

      1. I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt Bob, since it has been a while since I’ve posted here but yet I have posted many positive things at MDN over the years. MDN has some excellent archives you can peruse at your leisure.

        Recently and prior to your post I referred to Apple’s stock performance in a positive way, at least in my opinion, and I also just made a comment about how great the new Apple iPhone ads are.

        1. Actually, I was referring to your endless jibe at Australians, which by the way is getting old.
          Your trip down-under must have been horrific for you! Wherever you are from must be as friendly and accepting as your attitude. Happy days

  4. We should we thankful to Woz for what he did, had it not been for him we would not have apple as we do now. Sure he makes mistake and is not corporate, but without him steve jobs would have never been able to create the apple company. So please,peeps, show some respect to Woz, down right insulting him id offensive indeed

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