Microsoft’s beleaguered Nokia CEO Elop feeling heat from iPhone 5 launch

In today’s “Movers & Shakers,” Bloomberg‘s Betty Liu reports that Nokia CEO Stephen Elop is feeling the heat from the iPhone 5 launch as his company’s stock fell the most in a week in Helsinki trading after Apple announced the product.

Nokia is in alliance with Microsoft on a new line of handsets, but there is no clear release date for the phone in the United States.

Liu speaks on Bloomberg Television’s “In The Loop.”

Direct link to video here.


  1. Irrespective of your opinions of the iPhone 5 against it’s competitors (used loosely), but it’s all meaningless unless you ship. Apple are going to be shipping almost instantly, and have their new OS ready to run on it. Nokia/Microsoft are just throwing away any good work they may have done by not have a product to sell.

      1. Windows 8 is great and will be just fine. There is room for a fresh more adult look. OS is dated in terms of eye candy and Android coped it. Go figure.

        Nokia is a wonderful company and sure it’s never easy to fend off the flavour du jour but they will find a niche and carry on.

        1. Windows 8 is already an epic trainwreck thanks to Metro. Once it begins shipping on new PCs, Microsoft will quickly go the way of IBM.

          If people can forget that Nokia lied about its products’ video and photo abbilities, then maybe it can find a small niche somewhere and survive – but only if they ditch Windows Phone. It’s freaking killing them.

  2. At Nokia’s launch event last week, the Lumia 920 was presented as the direct competitor to the next iPhone. Except that Elop said that its OS (Windows Phone 8) wouldn’t be ready for “a month or two”.

    This is Microsoft we’re talking about, so of course it’s “or two”. That puts the 920 on the market in late November or early December…two months (at least) after the iPhone hits store shelves. That will be too late.

  3. Seems like a good time for Microsoft to hold a mock funeral for the iPhone. After all, they have no new product, no competing product, no popular product, no price points and no delivery schedule. Therefore, WIN!
    Yes, it’s the Balmer/Elop bizarro land.

  4. The “pure” cellular phone manufacturers need to get it over with and die. Clear out of the market and make room for those who actually know what they’re doing.

    Apple’s iPhone isn’t a phone. It’s a powerful handheld multipurpose computer, which makes phone calls as one of its many, many functions. That what so-called “smartphones” are, computers. Companies with no experience in designing or marketing computers are always going to be at a crippling disadvantage in this market.

    Nokia makes phones. That’s what they do. They don’t know how to make computers. They should give it up and stop delaying the inevitable.


  5. … so Msft could buy it.

    announces Symbian is a ‘burning platform’ when they still had planns to sell Symbian phones for years

    makes and spends advertising WP7 heavily while Nokia’s partner Msft was planning that Win 8 won’t run on them

    partner Msft talks a lot about Win 8 while Nokia still selling un-upgradeble Wp7 phones

    announces new (non shipping) Lumias a week before the iPhone (which sucks all media attention)

    can we not conlude Elop is Msft mole trying to knock the shares down so Msft could buy it cheap?

    If so Elop isn’t a moron but a GENIUS (from the school of Eric the Mole)


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