Apple’s slew of new products will stress the LCD supply chain in 2H’12

“Apple products such as the iPad, and iPhone continue to stress the LCD supply chain, given their cutting-edge performance specifications and strict quality controls. There is a saying in the LCD business that Apple might be the most knowledgeable company about LCD manufacturing and technologies that is not an LCD manufacturer,” David Hsieh reports for DisplaySearch. “However, Apple’s business is attractive to the LCD supply chain because it offers high volumes of a single model, which enables production stability. At the same time, Apple displays offer higher ASPs due to the specifications (such as slimness, light weight, high resolution, low power consumption, high color saturation and wide viewing angle). In order to secure allocations and technology access, Apple has been investing in the LCD supply chain in Asia, particularly down payments to LCD panel makers for strategic supply agreements.”

“The LCD supply chain (including panel makers, component suppliers, subcontract manufacturing companies) has started to gear up for Apple: in the second half of 2012, Apple will launch three new products (a first): iPhone 5, iPad Mini and New iPad refresh model,” Hsieh reports. “These mobile devices will require displays with high resolution, slim form factor, light weight and low power consumption. And certainly, these features are keeping the LCD supply chain very busy.”

Hsieh reports, “DisplaySearch’s estimates of near-term production for these Apple products are shown in the table. The LCD supply chain companies involved in the Apple new products include Corning, Japan Display, LG Display, Sharp, AUO, Chimei Innolux, Samsung, Radiant, Coretronic, TPK, Wintek as well as Foxconn.”

Production forecast for Apple products (Million units)

DisplaySearch Production forecast for Apple products (Million units)

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[Thanks to MacDailyNews Readers “Fred Mertz” and “Dan K.” for the heads up.]


  1. Apple has a plan and it will not be grand nor will it be so radical. Nevertheless it goes like this.

    The NEW iPod Nano;
    really is based on the OLD iPod Touch.

    The NEW iPod Touch,
    really is what others are claiming is is the NEW iPad mini.

    NOT so radical – eh? But totally unpredicted Apple under Cooks commands, style.

    Sad, perhaps, but the sales will NOT DISAPPOINT.

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