Jim Cramer: Apple’s iPhone 5 still the de facto winner

“You can read all about the Nokia and the Motorola phones and think that maybe these are, at last, the Apple AAPL rivals that people want,” Jim Cramer writes for TheStreet. “To me, that means that the Nokia and Motorola supporters are dismissing two key points.”

1. The youthful demographic likes the Apple ecosystem. They want their music on their phone. They want all things Apple because they like the look and feel of what Steve Jobs created.

2. The big telcos have to get behind Apple, not Motorola and Nokia, because otherwise customers will switch to Sprint S , which is coming on strong with the heavily-subsidized Apple offerings. Sprint is the third player that neither Verizon VZ nor AT&T T thought could still be a third player — and it is doing so with Apple.

“But more important, the Nokia and Motorola offerings don’t seem to have anything that is SO fabulous that you want to go with theirs and not Apple. Nokia’s being downgraded all over the place because Windows 8 doesn’t’seem to be grabbing people. Motorola? After the Verizon/ATT/Sprint subsidy Motorola’s just not good enough to switch,” Cramer writes. “Apple’s iPhone 5 is the de facto winner simply because these new competitive iterations don’t have anything on the Apple [iPhone] 4S and that’s the OLD Apple phone.”

Read more in the full article here.

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    1. Agreed! That was the money line in the interview. I also understand the Apple iOS devices are proudly used in China to demonstrate that you and your company are not some fly-by-night group.

      Try asking a student in their university, what do they see at lunch and else where on campus. They will tell you almost 100% Apple. The PC box makers lost this battle long ago. This is the decade of Apple. (Maybe the century too!)

  1. I’m as excited for the iPhone 5 as the next guy, but I have to say, his comments on the Nokia Lumia 920 are inaccurate – they have absolutely everything on the 4S, and will possibly compete with the iPhone 5.

    Credit where credit is due.

    The Motorolas, on the other hand, are cheap garbage.

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