Apple v. Samsung verdict could hurt Apple more than Samsung – or not

“A week ago, I suggested that Apple’s victory over Samsung, after last month’s eagerly awaited patent verdict, could hurt Apple and its reputation more than it would Samsung’s. That seems to be how it’s turning out,” Haydn Shaughnessy writes for Forbes. “Worse, for Apple, the reaction against the brand is coming from its own fan base. Following the verdict, a significant proportion of comments on the Apple Facebook page, were strong reactions against Apple’s use of the patent laws for what was seen as trivial innovation.”

Shaughnessy writes, “That is one of the conclusions drawn by researchers at Media Measurement Ltd, a London based social media analysis company who undertook an initial review of social media commentary on the verdict for me. Their most serious conclusion is that the patent trial alienated members of Apple’s core fan base, those advocates and defenders who have provided Apple with staunch support down the years.”

“The proportion of negative posts attributed to Apple and Samsung was about the same, each incurred about 62% negative sentiment. Now that might be partly attributable to the analysis software’s lack of sensitivity to the core discussion but Media Measurement used Radian 6, a commonly used sentiment analysis tool,” Shaughnessy writes. “What it means is that Apple picked up just as much negative sentiment as Samsung did.”

Shaughnessy writes, “But the big loss for Apple was on its own Facebook page, according to Media Measurement. ‘Prior to the verdict, posts on Apple’s Facebook page covered a range of topics, including technical queries, questions about the release of products, complaints about price and product performance, and general messages of support and praise. In the week following the Apple/Samsung verdict, 40% of the posts specifically referred to the trial.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: Samsung and Apple picked up equal amounts of negative sentiment, but because immediately after the verdict that’s what most people were discussing (including any astroturfers sent to Apple’s Facebook page, if, of course, there were any), that infers that the verdict could hurt Apple more than Samsung? Specious, to say the least. Of course, in the week following the Apple/Samsung verdict, 40% of the posts specifically referred to the trial. Based on our site’s numbers, we would’ve expected significantly more than 40%.

Shaughnessy’s Dvorak Jr. act with his let’s-pretend-to-take-Samsung’s-side meme is wearing thin already. At least base your hit-whoring on facts, dummy.

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  1. Those people in the “Apple Fanbase” who think Samsung was only innovating are probably old time WinTel users who spent years using products that were ripped off from Apple. No wonder they think it was only innovating. Once you accept plagiarism, infringing, lying, cheating, and stealing there are no limits.

  2. I’m upset with the verdict because I don’t think anyone should have rewards or rights to their ideas or innovations. Apple’s win is just going to encourage people to improve their world, so Samsung should have won.

        1. I was being sarcastic. I want a better world and a better life and justice and I love Apple. I doubt people would have supported Samsung’s cause if they understood what their win would have meant for the future of innovation.

  3. I think you will find that the negative noise is coming from those who aspire to own an Apple product but settle for the Korean copy. The Apple “fanboys”, or at least the core of us, know full well the value of Apple’s design excellence and innovation. You will also find that many of the negative posts are from anonymous or newly created profiles – part of Samsung’s public relations exercise to try and swing public opinion in their favour. I’m a long-term Apple convert – from the original iPod halo effect. And I’m hoping for triple damages and a blanket ban on the SIII.

  4. This guy is an idiot. Anything for press and reaction. Only a fool would look at this trial, the mountain of evidence against Samsung, the verdict, and the likely sentence from the Judge which could include numerous injunctions. Let’s see – Samsung was caught with their hands in the pie, they owe Apple $1B+, they are now under investigation in Korea and all this is BAD for Apple? What a joke!

  5. Only “Hadyn the dumbass Shaughnessy” and paid shills and trolls think Apple is the bad guy.
    Hadyn should take his brand new, gratis SIII and shove it where the sun don’t shine.

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