Google’s Motorola Mobility unveils new smartphones one week before Apple’s iPhone 5 bows

“Google Inc.’s Motorola Mobility unit announced three new smartphones from its RAZR line on Wednesday afternoon, one of which will launch next week priced at $99,” Dan Gallagher reports MarketWatch.

“Motorola showed off the RAZR HD, an update to its thin RAZR model that offers a sharper display. Another new device was the RAZR HD Maxx that offered a larger battery,” Gallagher reports. “Motorola also unveiled the new RAZR M, which comes with a smaller screen than the other models, in a body casing that the company said was similar to the best-selling iPhone 4S from Apple Inc. That model will go on sale next week at Verizon Wireless for a price of $99.”

Gallagher reports, “Google’s Android mobile operating system has quickly catapulted to the lead of the smartphone market, but the platform took a hit when Samsung lost a major patent infringement dispute against Apple, which had accused the company’s Android-based phones of infringing on its patents.”

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MacDailyNews Take: iPhone 5 will obliterate all memory of this week’s parade of inferiority.

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  1. They should have waited and released against samsungs flagships. They’re fuct sideways if they dream for one minute they can get any of Apple’s market share. Almost sad.

    1. Nobody seems to be whining that it looks just like another iPhone wannabe and isn’t an original design. When Apple releases the next iPhone, everyone will jump on them complaining that it looks just like the last iPhone. How many ways can you house a rectangular screen in a pocketable device? Perhaps Apple could come out with the eyePhone that fits into the eye socket directly with a bone transmitted sound system and bottom located mic. Can you say cyborg? I know you can.

  2. Holy crap those phones look top to bottom AWFUL! Everything from the interface to the gross beige plastic, to the screws on the edges to the shape… what the hell are these guys thinking????

  3. There’s only so much you can do with a rectangular screen from a design standpoint, and Apple pretty much nailed it with the iPhone. So Moto has to make the rectangular screen work with some kind of different design, at least different enough not to draw an automatic lawsuit from Apple for trade dress infringement.

    At least Moto is trying to come up with something that is not a direct copy.

  4. Sigh, they look like iPhones and they use the word “ecosystem.” How much of Apple can these losers copy?

    I’m waiting for them to open the Google store which will open right next to the Microsoft store, and across from an Apple store.

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