Christie’s auctions off rare original Apple I computer; expects $79,000 to $127,000

“Another original Apple 1 computer is up for sale, and this time it’s expected to fetch no more than $127,000, a steal compared with the last unit sold,” Donna Tam reports for CNET.

“Christie’s is putting the rare [fewer than 50 still exist] computer — each model was designed and hand-built by Steve Wozniak with input from the late Steve Jobs — on sale in October, the auction house announced today,” Tam reports. “This particular unit, serial number 22, comes from the home of Joe Copson, a former Apple employee, and Christie’s expects to sell the model for between $79,000 to $127,000 [originally sold for $666.66].”

Tam reports, “In 2010, Another Apple 1 model, offered without a casing but with the original box, instruction manuals, and a signed letter from Jobs, sold for $210,700 at auction… None of these figures can touch the sale of a working Apple 1 motherboard — of which, Sotheby’s says, six are thought to exist. The item was sold earlier this year for a staggering $374,500”

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