Genius training manual details banned words for Apple employees

“Details from Apple’s training manual for Genius Bar employees have been published online, revealing how the company teaches its workers to read customer body language, and how words like ‘crash’ and ‘hang’ are not to be used,” AppleInsider reports.

“The company’s confidential information was published on Tuesday by Gizmodo, which referred to the employee workbook as “psychological training” designed to ensure that customers are happy. In particular, Apple Geniuses are told to focus on empathizing with customers and employ what are called the ‘three Fs:’ feel, felt and found,” AppleInsider reports. “In one example, Geniuses are told how to respond to a customer who feels a Mac may be too expensive for them. The employee is advised to employ the three Fs, saying ‘I can see how you’d feel this way. I felt the price was a little high, but I found it’s a real value because of all the built-in software and capabilities.'”

AppleInsider reports, “Also included in the employee manual is a list of things Geniuses are not allowed to say.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Genius training manual details banned words for Apple employees:

Brow·ett·ize   [brau-eh-tize]
verb (used with object), Brow·ett·ized, Brow·ett·iz·ing

to monkey with success, usually in a cheap and ignorant way; to reinvent the wheel; to fix what isn’t broken; to screw the pooch; to attempt to empire-build with disastrous results, then face widespread public humiliation

brow·ett·i·za·tion, noun
brow·ett·ized, un·brow·ett·ized, adjective

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  1. MDN: Brow·ett·ize

    I can’t help but: BWAHAHAHAHA!
    -> Notice how the ‘Fire Browett’ poll jumped another 10 points today. If I wasn’t soaked to the gills with experiences of BAD marketing-moron behavior, I’d almost feels sorry for him. The guy is dangerous.

  2. wow.
    what a manual, except that Gizmodo does not upload manual.

    still, if it gets out it will create a furor against Apple.
    but little do people think. Everyone else does it!
    that is capitalism/marketing.

    it’s like bitching about Apple due to Greenpeace, when all competitors are at least as guilty, but focus is on Apple. or like Apple does all the R&D & spending & thinking & innovating (not necessarily inventing) yet all bitch when the highest expectations are not met i.e. next: the iPhone5, whilst everyone else are lazy f’s crying over spilled milk i.e. Samsung. the point is, Apple is never good enough – sales tactics included. why is it so wrong when Apple does it, but ok when other do?

    still. capitalistic marketing greed can go to far. it’s ugly & annoying, invasive. my 1st eery feeling reading the headlines on this & seeing some screenshots of handbook, is that Scientology techniques are used. who knows. it’s scary, but is it typical public relations techniques or more manipulative? that is the question.

    then again, we control our minds. whichever brainwashing techniques are used, it’s our choice in the end, to fall for it. is Apple selling harder than ads with subliminal messages? not really.

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