What’s new in OS X 10.8.1: MacBook battery life and more

“The first Mac desktop operating system point-update since the release of OS X Mountain Lion just under a month ago brings bullet points, but much of what has changed isn’t reflected therein,” reports FairerPlatform. “Further, as is often the case, some users are finding their problems solved while others are still waiting.”

FairerPlatform reports, “Two issues your correspondent experienced (2007 iMac) — login items failing to launch and balky “password on wake” input — have been addressed by OS X 10.8.1 Update. Not ameliorated a little, they’re gone. However, the question of the hour — Does OS X 10.8.1 Update fix the well-documented MacBook battery issue? — doesn’t have a clear cut answer for all affected users.”

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  1. I’ve been installing OSX since the Public Beta days and every major release of the OS is quickly followed up with a point one update. This is par for the course. Once the Golden Master is set, work on the next update takes over. After release there are always issues that get uncovered and need to be fixed.

    I for one think ML is great but then I am using it mostly on a new rMBP which kicks ass. Performance on my 3 year old Mac Mini which I use as a media server is great too.

    1. Some of the fixes in 10.8.1 had been reported during the testing of the 10.8.0 GM (golden master). There are still other reported bug fixes to come.

      Apple had essentially set a deadline for getting 10.8.0 out the door and they stuck to it. As it was, 10.8.0 was darned good. But it is typically the case, especially with massive code projects like this, for there to be a planned and expected period of bug fix followups.

      Apple benefited a lot from the blunders of Lion, allowing Mountain Lion to be nice on first release, IMHO anyway.

  2. The best update ever. Fast and seamless. The new update-splash screen is very beautiful. I wont remember the 100 updates required by windows 7 at first installation day….

    I’m a software developer (Microsoft .NET) since 2002. I can’t believe how much slow is Microsoft to build a truly newer OS with a SAME update logic as OS X have since the Dinosaurs Era.

  3. The battery problem has not been resolved for me. After unplugging it from power, I put my reMBP to sleep last night about 11PM at 95% charge. This morning I woke up at 6:30AM to check it and it had 8% remaining. That is unacceptable.

    1. I have the same Mac and have not experienced that type of issue.
      Your unit may be faulty. Take it into the apple store and get it checked out or ask for a replacement.

      1. @dog doubtful.. it’s an extremely widespread issue. Just look at apple’s own discussion boards. Even apple is on board to fix it as they have been contacting customers directly.

    2. That happens to my iPhone all the time, but usually when I have a large amount of wi-fi traffic and have the wi-fi powered on on the iPhone. Power Nap may be using a little power to keep the wi-fi running.

  4. This point release, and some updated third party apps, seem to solve all the issues I was having Mountain Lion.

    I think I’m getting too old for bleeding edge OS X. The updated Kernal Panic screen is nice but I would still prefer to never see it again.

    1. i used to get a kernel panic daily… ML solved the problem.. Not one since installation… Yea!!!!

      You might try starting in safe mode…. If that solves your problem you can be assured you have some price of software loading at start up that is cusing the problem.

  5. All I need is AirPlay for my mid-2010 iMac…and this ashtray… And this paddle game. – The ashtray and the paddle game and that’s all I need… And this remote control. – The ashtray, the paddle game, and the remote control, and that’s all I need… And these matches. – The ashtray, and these matches, and the remote control, and the paddle ball… And this lamp. – The ashtray, this paddle game, and the remote control, and the lamp, and that’s all *I* need

  6. SNOOZE! Adding back in the option to set a snooze time for notifications/reminders/iCal is a must!!

    Also, the OS seems to crash much more than previous updates. Often the entire machine locks up requiring a restart which hasn’t been a problem for me in a very long time. Have experienced even after a clean re-install. : (

    1. AGREE!

      May look “pretty” w/out options in new Notification Center but it’s largely unusable! C’mon Apple! WTF? #1 (only?) gripe about ML!

      BTW- not 1 crash in > a month

    2. 1

      Only have 10.8 on the MBP for now, I always let it test a new version first.

      My only real complaint right now, the dock.
      I used a glass dock on lion, the new dock… Being uncustomizable sucks..
      On the MBP it’s hard to tell if something is running. That little light is so small and blends in with the new dock.
      Granted this is on a 13″ MBP.. On my 27″ iMac it may not be as big of a deal.

      It’s only a matter of time before someone figures out how to really customize the dock again.. But I can’t wait.

  7. Still don’t know how the heck you whiners manage to have so many problems. I never do clean updates/installs or combo installs and never use AV or clean-up programs .. just do the Software Update thing when notified . I (have to) run lots of shitty Microsoft software (both on OSX and Win7 in VMWare), Endnote, ChemOffice (Win7), Skype, VLC and have Adobe Flash and CS5 and Tux. And never have major problems. Just the occasional Safari stall maybe twice a week with a dozen tabs open. So far ML has been free of even minor problems. Battery’s fine and the things happen faster than Lion with no beachballs.

    1. You serious? You use Adobe and Microsoft programs, never had any problem with any of them, and honestly thinking it’s weird people are complaining about freezes and crashes? Either you have a very selective memory, or you have been extremely lucky up to this point and are overdue for a good beachball to the face.

  8. Time Machine backups seem to be fixed, too.

    Yesterday, I tried starting a new external backup – TM said over two million files, 600 gigs, 49 days!

    Today, same number files, same #gigs, 10 hours.

    Sounds a lot more like normal.

  9. anybody having issues with the apple wireless keyboard and magic mouse and trackpad getting brief disconnects and reconnects? This seems to happen at random, and the devices are within 2 feet of the mac mini?

    1. Since I installed 10.8.1, my tracpad has stopped working completely, new batteries, and I clicked on the update button with it, so it was working literally moments before the update started, I’ve even tried turning everything off and back on again, but not even the hard reset worked.. Apple, did my warranty run out this afternoon?

  10. Re; Login items…

    The upgrade to 10.8.1 actually CREATED that problem for me. Login items were working fine in 10.8, but after the upgrade two of them refuse to launch.

    Otherwise, terrific update.

  11. This update solved the battery problem for me on my rMBP. I am seeing much longer times available off the charger. YMMV.

    I really like the combination of the search field with the URL address field and also the new “show all tabs” feature that is similar to the iOS function.

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