Confessions from the most corrupt Apple Retail Store in America

“‘The saying goes: Don’t fuck with the person that serves your food,’ a former Apple Genius tells me over IM. ‘Don’t fuck with the person who repairs your computer.’ He — we’ll call him Ronald — spent six years as a member of Apple’s Genius squad in a busy Southwestern store,” Sam Biddle reports for Gizmodo.

“It was a model store: shiny as the best of them, teeming, making money,” Biddle reports. “But in back rooms and in plain sight, the employees ran wild: giving away computers, stealing phones, drunkenly destroying customer property. Ronald saw (and did) it all.”

Biddle reports, “You might think twice before your next visit to the bar.”

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According to The Dallas Observer‘s Eric Nicholson, “The Most Corrupt Apple Store in America” is in NorthPark, Texas: “Where might that store be, you ask? NorthPark. And how did the NorthPark Apple store earn such a notable distinction? Well, allegedly, according to some anonymous guy (so you know this must be the real stuff)… For irritating customers, they would pour whiskey into customers’ Macs, erasing their hard drives, or use the hard drives as skateboards,” Nicholson reports.

“I’ve been in an Apple store exactly once, and it was the one in NorthPark,” Nicholson reports. “The Genius who helped me was an asshole. None of this surprises me.”

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MacDailyNews Take: This exposé is not a feature; it’s a bug.

If true, hopefully this is a very isolated incident for Apple Retail. If true, how could this go undetected by Apple corporate for so long and/or allowed to continue?

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  1. My recent experience at an Apple store was a LOT more pleasant than this (hard to believe) story but non the less….it does seem as if things have changed and not for the better. If John Browett is at fault the faster Apple shows him the door the better. Long term I am starting to worry about Apple. I am very sure Apple hasn’t hit its peak yet but it does appear they may be cashing in while they still have Steve Jobs’ momentum working for them. Very sad to see this happening.

  2. I personally have become wrapped up in witnessing this as a trend. My insight is that it is due to:
    1) Rapid expansion
    2) Overworked employees
    3) Apple Stores that are too small for their increased number of customers, and employees
    4) The usual Marketing-Moron and Marketing-As-Managment Effects that accompany the aging of successful companies
    5) The relaxation of hiring and firing standards due to all of the above.

    Healthy businesses require periods of breathing and meditation in order to breathe out the bad air (employees, company culture, bad practices) and breathe in the good air (restoration of quality over quantity, returning to positive reinforcement with its accompanying improved morale, productivity and mutual respect within the business system).

    It’s going to be interesting to watch how Apple deals with this situation. I find it to be entirely inevitable. Whereas finding, planning, implementing and verifying the cure is work, the best of work. I love it!

  3. I haven’t worked at retail but I quit tech support because the facility that I was working at was robbed 3 times within a 5 month period. This was an inside job and upper management did next to nothing. These people would drink on the job, show up late, and had dozens of shady practices to maintain high performance scores- for example… All calls we’re supposed to followed up with a survey that the caller would fill out (via email) and return to corporate. Only… Our facility had figured a loop hold to only send surveys to the customers that we knew we did well with. I’m guilty of this as well… Our stats were off the charts. I eventually got fed up (supervisors were stealing all the working headsets and it was embarrassing when customers couldn’t hear me) and just stopped going in. No call, no show. I should have been fired instantly but after 3 months they begged me to come back.

    This shit DOES go on.

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