Needham raises Apple target price from $620 to $750

“Analyst Charlie Wolf at Needham & Company has substantially raised his company’s target price for AAPL stock, going from $620 to $750 in the wake of Apple’s continuing price rise,” Electronista reports.

“The company symbolically broke Microsoft’s record for all-time highest valuation earlier this week with a close at $665, though it is currently trading slightly lower,” Electronista reports. “Accordingly, Wolf has created a new target price of $750 per share, anticipating strong performance of expected new and refreshed products in Apple’s holiday lineup to close out the year.”

Electronista reports, “Wolf did not change his 2012 overall earnings estimate of $43.75 per share, nor his 2013 prediction of a $50 EPS average. He also maintained his ‘Buy’ rating on the stock.”

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  1. AAPL already hit $674.88 and today it never went below $648.12. So NOW he realizes that is estimated target of $620 needs to be moved up to $750 so it is above Apple’s existing stock price! Hello, my 5 year old granddaughter may have miss it too. Do these clueless idiots get paid to pull these numbers out of their ___ after the numbers have been showed to be WAY TO LOW ALREADY!

    Can I get this job too and get paid for being all knowing? AAPL is at $660 now and will easily get another 15% to 25% during this end of year run up. 2 years ago it ran up 34% during the end of 2010 which was also an election year. He can only see about 15% this year with iRoadKill everywhere you looks. REALLY? ONLY $750? REALLY!

  2. Beware of the Beast… $666.

    I suppose with Dell down today and Apple up, it’s almost time for another installment of “how many times is Apple worth more than Dell.”

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